Amish one of fastest-growing religious groups in US with a new community sprouting every three-and-a-half WEEKS

The Amish are one of the fastest-growing religious groups in the U.S. with numbers expecting to quadruple to one million by 2050, a study has found.

The population growth is so speedy that a new community is sprouting every three and a half weeks, according to a study into the 2010 religious census by researchers at Ohio State University.

Swelling numbers are a result of the low likelihood of individuals leaving the religion and the high number of children - six or seven on average - born to each couple, experts believe.

Current numbers are topping 250,000, said Joseph Donnermeyer, the Ohio State professor who led the project, and Amish communities double their population about every 22 years.

'The Amish are successful at socializing their sons and daughters into the faith,' he told the Washington Times. 'The Amish aren't isolated, they are a dynamic culture. They've just evolved in a different direction than mainstream America.'

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Given their Dominator culture and overproduction ethic in a Climate Destabilizing world, this isn't good news.

It's also unfortunate that so few people have any idea what we mean by Dominator culture.

The teaching of "be fruitful and multiply, and multiply, and multiply" is definitely a trait of successful "mind viruses". Good for getting more hosts and increasing market share when the human population was tiny and the earth's resources seemed limitless; not good with a population of 7,066,420,030 and counting.

Yes I agree with you Grinning Cat.

Many don't understand Dominator Culture. MAny people are infected by the religion mind virus.


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