Amusing Responses You Got From People When You Came Out About Being An Atheist.

I thougt It would be interesting to see some of the more comical responses people have received upon coming out. I'll start things off with my favorite.

I was about 16 and a guy in class found out that I didn't believe in god and he came up to me and asked

Boy: "So do you really not believe in god"

Me: "No."

Boy: "So.... You worship the devil?!"

I got this one in one form or another many times..... Gotta love the bible belt! :)


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I'd have to say it's more like they love the person they THINK you are. The real you is invisible to them, because they don't want to see it. It's a lonely way to live, and eventually you'll have to make some decisions about whether you want to go to the trouble of trying to make them see you, or cut your losses and go off in search of people who will.
Wow. I never thought of it that way. That's really depressing, but true.

You can keep the old friends AND make new friends. Have your cake and eat it too! You'll have twice as many friends as your Christian friends. Really. :)

Did she do the "orientation therapy" voluntarily? She must be heavily indoctrinated if she did and that would explain why she reacted so unsupportively. Guilt loves company.
All responses to atheism are funny, they tend to show the ignorance of the ones making them.
Not all responses are. I've had some people just take it, just an "Oh" and keep moving on. That actually happened with three or four different people that I told.
Not everyone is as intolerant as they might seem.
I came out about my atheism during my senior year of high school. Other than the usual conversion attempts, I did have one amusing conversation with a friend online. I forget how we got on the topic, but she proceeded to try to convince me that there was a god.

Friend: Imagine there's an all powerful, all knowing being.
Me: Umm....Ok
Friend: So this all powerful being could create life and the universe, right?
Me: I guess.
Friend: See! You admit that there's a god!
Me: No. I agreed that if a god existed it could do those things. You've provided me with no proof of god.
Friend: But you have faith that you're talking to me right?
Me: Yeah, you're typing at me.
Friend: Well you're wrong. I'm her sister.

She didn't seem to notice that she'd just given a good example of why faith isn't reliable. I haven't spoken to either sister since.
That's a pretty good example of Theistic circular reasoning. I'd ask the person back;

"So, imagine 'Harry Potter' is a true story."


"Ha! You admit Harry Potter is real!"

LOL! This is priceless! :)))

LOL! Good one.
Common conversation for me:

Them: "So...where do you go to church?"
Me: "I don't"
Them: "What?"
Me: "I don't go to church anywhere... What about you?"
Them: " life...What do you mean you don't go to church????"
Me: "Well, I don't exactly believe in any god or gods, so going to church seems kinda silly to me. You think i ought to go to church even though it seems pretty silly to me?"

How it goes from there all depends on how truly stubborn they are. I've had a few want to get into theological debates with me; I'm game for that since I spent quite a few years as a bible teacher. The vast majority wait for a moment in embarrassed silence, and then say something like "Well, how about them Broncos? (this being Colorado Springs, Colorado and therefore Denver Broncos Country). Gives them a graceful opportunity to end the conversation.

I think of this city as the whipping end of the bible belt; or maybe the star in the buckle of the bible belt. I seem to strike most as pretty bizarre, hehe.
Colorado Springs in beautiful but Focus on the Family scares me and in general I've heard it's very Christian there. I used to travel there for business.




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