Amusing Responses You Got From People When You Came Out About Being An Atheist.

I thougt It would be interesting to see some of the more comical responses people have received upon coming out. I'll start things off with my favorite.

I was about 16 and a guy in class found out that I didn't believe in god and he came up to me and asked

Boy: "So do you really not believe in god"

Me: "No."

Boy: "So.... You worship the devil?!"

I got this one in one form or another many times..... Gotta love the bible belt! :)


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I've gotten that a few times, usually from people who don't really know me. I usually correct them and tell them that an Atheist can't hate god because we know god isn't real. Then they tell me I'm filled with the devil and he has a hold on me *blah, blah, blah*. I tell them the devil isn't real, but you know that is what he wants us to think! *ugh!*
I've been out since I was a teen but most people didn't know or care to listen. But a few years ago one of my cousins was speaking god-speak and I said, "you know that's nuts", she pouted and I reminder her that I am a Humanist/Atheist and she said, like I had cancer, "Oh I am so sorry." Now I know that was meant to make me think she felt sorry for me or looked down on me, so I said, "don't be, I was never superstitious... Dead silence, then she said, "wow I wonder how much money you saved not having to give to collections..."
yeah, i have saved so much money by becoming an atheist, that's the main reason I became one. (sarcasm)
Wow. It sounds like the wheels might be turning in her head a little bit. :)
I guess my life's been pretty cool when it comes to my company. Everyone in my family except my 13 year old cousin is either athiest or just too disinterested in even putting thought onto the matter. Me and my mom are the only ones who even wanna get into the topic and all my friends have either been athiest or didn't yeah, I can't complain. Canada is a very athiest place :)
Really?! hmmm... *considers new place to live*

Same here in the UK. Mainly secular with these bubbles of beleivers of various faiths. I mentioned to work colleagues that my sister is a xtian and they look at me amused & say 'what, like beleives in fairy tales and stuff'. Seriously that's the prevailing attitude here.Tell someone you're a xtian and they kind of look at you with a mix of pity and fear that you're a 'nutter'. Or the defences go up they back off a bit, LOL! I can't imagine what it'd be like to live somewhere primitive like the southern US where almost everyone is xtian :{

its a nightmare
Except apparently we have a 'creation' "museum" here too...
This is a bit of a twist. I was the one who was amused. I had been "out" for about a year, but still trying to ease the folks into accepting it. My mom is an 83 year old Catholic. Sweetest mom on the planet. But, like most theists, she can be very stubborn. One day, we were having a conversation about 'proof' for the existence or non-existence of Jebus and all the bible stories. I could tell she was getting frustrated, because she didn't have a very good argument. She finally turned to me and said..."If we could go back in time, 2,000 years, we could prove that it is all true!" WTF!? Well that just floored me. I couldn't stop laughing long enough to explain to her that going back in time could also prove that the bible is total BS fairytales. Our conversation ended there and she walked away from me in disgust, because I couldn't stop laughing. :)
I think she believes that if we could meet Jebus in person, that would be proof. Problem is, what if there was no Jebus to meet? Or, what if he was just one the "dime-a-dozen" prophets that where part of the pop culture of that era and didn't have any god-like powers? She still doesn't get it. :)
I suspect this person "Jesus" was one of many, and the legend has become larger than the man. It doesn't hurt that the early church expanded it so greatly.




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