Amusing Responses You Got From People When You Came Out About Being An Atheist.

I thougt It would be interesting to see some of the more comical responses people have received upon coming out. I'll start things off with my favorite.

I was about 16 and a guy in class found out that I didn't believe in god and he came up to me and asked

Boy: "So do you really not believe in god"

Me: "No."

Boy: "So.... You worship the devil?!"

I got this one in one form or another many times..... Gotta love the bible belt! :)


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My dad immediately thought I was going through some kind of phase. My mom took it more seriously. She gave me some christian books to read. She also hoped I would read my bible. Ugh... My favorite part was when dad said it was going to be an ongoing battle... I guess from now on.
I'm scared that I am facing the same situation when I come out to my parents.
funny, reading the bible helped me become an atheist in the first place.
Reading the bible helped turn me too. It is also a phase that I've been going through for over 13 years now and there are still some people who think I'll 'get over it'. I've almost reached the point of being an Atheist longer!
I occasionally get a snide comment from my father who's basically a non-believer but from ex-catholic stock so feels incredibly GUILTY about it, I suspect.

"Well at least they believe in something"

Dan Dennet's Belief in Belief in action
This is one I forgot about. I asked my pentecostal neighbor why Christians do not seem to be in any hurry to get to heaven. I said if I believed in heaven I would pray everyday to be taken up. She said we Christians have to establish God's kingdom on earth. How many kingdoms are there ? I just walked away.
Furthermore, why can't god do it himself....seems like a simple task, given that it's god...
Guilty? Isn't that the area of jews?
When my grandfather found out I was an atheist, he told me I should "rethink that." XD
ask him if his devil is named Jeff and lives in central california. if he gives you a blank look then he hasnt realized that I own his homunculous (soul) yet.

(i gotta stop drinking during the day)
I responded to this guy (who I found out later was a catholic), saying I was an atheist, and he said "I'll take that as a joke".
I was confused. What I should have responded back was
"Okay, a$$hole, what do you think I believe in? Krishna? Allah? The Cosmic Egg? A man lived inside a whale? A woman turned into a pillar of salt? Talking donkeys and bushes? Oh wait that's Your religion, and it's a joke of a religion, too."

edit: This guy pissed me off for other reasons.
There is a talking donkey in the bible?




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