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Wow - that's great. No one tore that down?
I suspect it may be PhotoShopped.  That sign wouldn't last an hour in this country.  They can dream up their "signs and portents" all day and night and let anyone's sign threaten their desperate belief and it is to be blotted, destroyed.

You're right, there's unfortunately a lot of hostility even towards messages simply stating our existence, such as "Are you good without God? Millions are."

Anyway, I agree that the billboard isn't out in the real world: there's a matching billboard maker at BigHugeLabs (which has plenty of other toys too).


And let us not forget the ever-popular Church Sign Generator!



Good advice for any sign, real or virtual:


(from the discussion "Excessive Wordiness")


ROFL Good one, James!
Oh my, that's genius! Made me laugh so hard!! Thanks for sharing :)

The message reminds me of "mystic atheist" Jim Huber's essay, "Religion is Like Wine" at


Religion is Like Wine:

Too much will kill you for sure.

Long before that it makes you stupid, tedious to have around, and a danger to yourself and others.

In moderation it makes many people happy, which is reason enough for it, I guess. Too bad even a little makes some people mean. It just makes me sleepy.

Some claim it has health benefits. Maybe so, but I can't help wondering if grape juice would work as well.

If you enjoy it, and can handle it, go for it. But I won't be joining you, and I'd rather not have to say so twice.

Really, drink up. I'll be happy to have you around until you get annoying. Just remember, if you turn into a loud-mouthed asshole or start a fight, the wine is no excuse.

Finally, if you ever find it's ruining your life, and can't quit by yourself, I'm here to help.


(Copyright by James Huber, who grants permission to redistribute for noncommercial use with no fees charged.)




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