An Agenda Harmful to the American People

Farmers in Iowa, Kansas, Texas and California’s Central Valley know, as the years steadily warm:

* weather gets worse,

* droughts intensify,

* flood damage more severe, 

* wildfires growing larger.

Coastal dwellers in Nantucket, Virginia Beach, Cape Hatteras, Myrtle Beach, Miami and the lowlands of Louisiana know:

* seas rise.

* tidal and storm flooding takes more land and property.

Those who live in the far north, in places like Barrow, Alaska,

* glaciers and sea ice melt.

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Joan, I almost replied several hours ago but didn't want to say your ideals require more of more of homo semi sapiens than we can deliver. I looked at more discussions and found one that reminded me of the book "Sex at Dawn", which told of our ancestors who about 12K years ago took up agriculture and stopped foraging.

That agenda change, besides changing the cooperator culture to the dominator culture you have decried, made possible the population increase that's now leading to the agenda change you are describing.

That brings to mind a proverb I first saw decades ago, "Too soon old, too late smart."

I agree, "cooperator culture" tends to make babies. OK! Now what?

Foraging supports a larger population than agriculture?

No! foraging doesn't! What does feed people is closer to home agriculture, without all the chemicals, and with sequestering of water. We need to do all of the above. We also  could eat lower on the food chain, instead of eating so much meat we could eat more grains.  

I'm afraid that even this is too complicated for the typical dumbed-down american voter.  How about "Trump is what you get when you give religion a free ride?"

That's for sure! Even foragers knew they couldn't eat their seed stock. With food coming from all over the world for those of us who are privileged think the food supply is endless. For those starving all around the world, think the food simply is non-existent, or that the hungry don't deserve to eat. One day, the hungry of the world will rise up and eat the privileged. Ouch! that includes me! 

Well, we could take notice of the hungry, homeless, sick, young and old and see to it we meet the basic human needs of all. Is that too much to ask of well-fed, well-housed, healthy and working age people?

There are some who believe to each his and her own, the rest can go hungry until the hungry of us rise to the occasion.

The first thing to get a handle on is the population explosion! Exponential growth will be the downfall of us all. 


I agree. I have watched a few of the Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks on it, a guy with a Phd in Physics. I also think about my elementary school teacher talking about the greenhouse effect in the late 70's and my college ecology professor talking on depleting resources because of population growth.

As others have said, I also think it is a problem of the short sighted and materialistic of the people of the US.

You also have to do the factoring in of the young age creationists and the "Jesus" is going to return and day people. They seam to be give me all I can get on this planet and I will get more in "Heaven".

9 Cold Climate Permaculture

Geoff Lawton and Ben Falk on one video, at Ben's permaculture farm in Vermont. 

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, asked on Twitter last night:[3]

Who cares if he’s [Gorsuch] credentialed if he lacks any shred of compassion or humanity? If he's actually cruel?

Is Trump going to be the man who destroyed the world? His hatred knows no bounds and millions of us remain his helpless victims who can do nothing but have our private rage? What is wrong here? My answer as it always has been is religion. This man is backed by right wing Catholics and Protestants who would have collaborated with Hitler. We let these churches get away with their support of the Third Reich during WWII and are continuing to grant them privileges and exemptions from our democratic rules. We are living to see the horrible results of this terrible mistake as they now use Trump to dismantle our constitutional protections against their tyranny and our protection from global disaster. When are we going to wake up and stop the automatic tax exemption religion gets? Do we have to let it destroy our democracy before we all realize this??

First of all, we are not victims! There are things we can say and do that will challenge the status quo! 

Yes, I agree, religion plays a huge part in the problems we face today. We not only have to challenge the religious and their irrational and irresponsible practice; we also have to speak up and take action against the stupidity of POTUS 45. The foolish religious who thought they had found their Red Neck Savior will wake up when their insurance is gone, coal is pumping out its poison on poor and rich lungs, and we all miss the great opportunities in solar, wave, and wind energy. That is the new future industry. 

The Graduate "One Word: Plastics"

So what if we make the earth uninhabitable for our offspring ten generations from now. Or a hundred or a thousand or ten thousand generations from now.

The earth will remain and evolution will continue. The odds are that something better adapted will be here.


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