An Agenda Harmful to the American People

Farmers in Iowa, Kansas, Texas and California’s Central Valley know, as the years steadily warm:

* weather gets worse,

* droughts intensify,

* flood damage more severe, 

* wildfires growing larger.

Coastal dwellers in Nantucket, Virginia Beach, Cape Hatteras, Myrtle Beach, Miami and the lowlands of Louisiana know:

* seas rise.

* tidal and storm flooding takes more land and property.

Those who live in the far north, in places like Barrow, Alaska,

* glaciers and sea ice melt.

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The awful side of capitalism: would socialism be better at preventing this sort of thing? I tend to think so.


First, Senate Republicans stole Merrick Garland’s seat with unprecedented obstructionism.

Next, they nominated Neil Gorsuch - a judge with a history of ruling against workers and for corporations.

Then, evidence surfaced that Gorsuch has a pattern of plagiarism. A lecturer at Harvard Law School has said, "This is not a close call. If one of my students did this, I’d be required to report them."

NOW: Republicans just invoked the nuclear option to push through a morally bankrupt judge into a lifetime appointment for a stolen seat -- all while the president is under FBI investigation.



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