An Archaeological Example of Bad Science for Religious Reasons: Maya Gold Plates=Mormonism

I found this posted on an Archaeology News link and was redirected to the address below.  It took me about two seconds to recognize that this is an article from the Deseret News an unapologetic mouthpiece for the Mormon church. 


It did not take me long to have my fears verified that this is another example of taking an archaeological discovery an twisting it into another religious hack piece.  It goes without saying, that this is full of bullshit and irritates me to no end. 


Give this a read for comedic value as there is no apparent scientific merit.

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You're right.  It's entirely Mormon propaganda.  They lost me at this guy stole millions of dollars in treasure in the early 20th Century, deprived the Mexican people of some of their heritage and Harvard refuses to return these treasures to their rightful owner - the Mexican government.  I wonder how these antiquities thieves would feel if someone robbed their house then paraded around their tv and jewelry in a museum?  I hate it when somebody thinks it's just fine to go in and rob a poor country like Mexico of it's national treasures. 


At any rate, only a Mormon would think the Mayans were Mormon.  If Mormons are really Mayans, they need to get busy on the violence and human sacrifice.  I understand in their heyday, they were quite a bloody bunch.  I propose they start with political candidates.

You know my initial reaction is extreme irritation and befuddlement, but yeah, you have to laugh.





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