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Hindu by birth. Skeptic by choice. A humble atheist questioning supernatural religious beliefs.

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Thangs for Reply ..
Do you think Kerala has a higher than average number of atheists than other Indian states?
I don't know nearly as much about other states as I do about Kerala. Your information does not surprise me. I hope to visit Kerala some day.
Yeah, well keep working at that communism, it worked so well in Russia!!
Love the car.
Kerala had the first democratically, popularly elected communist government in the world, circa 1957, as I remember. Also, from what I hear second-hand (from Mallu friends) Kerala has a history of tolerance. The history of the Cochin Jews is interesting. I don't know about the current political climate in Kerala, though. I'm hoping Sundareswaran.v or some of the other Indian members of the site will fill us in.

Hindu extremists can be just as violent as any other extremists. From what I've heard and read, right-wing Hindu nationalists in India, pejoratively referred to as the Saffron Brigade, aim to make anyone who isn't a Hindu a second-class citizen. What is referred to as sectarianism in the rest of the world is referred to as communalism in India. Wikipedia has a list of incidents of communal violence. It's hard to separate communal violence from terrorism in India.

I haven't heard any Indian Marxists praising Stalin, although if you do a Google news search for "India" and "Maoists", I think you'll turn up some recent news.

I'm not a big fan of Michael Moore either. Is "Capitalism: A Love Story" worth my time?




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