An Atheist marching band in a Christmas parade? In Texas?

"Look, Martha! There's an atheist marching band in our Christmas parade! Quick! What will we tell the kids???"


An atheist marching band? It's not a sight you expect to see in a Christmas parade; especially one in conservative South Texas, but there they were, playing "Jingle Bells" and calling "Merry Christmas", "Happy Hannukah" and "Happy Kwanzaa" to parade watchers. It was the first-ever public appearance of the 18 member strong Brazos Valley Atheist Vuvuzela Marching Band and Christmas in Texas may never be the same.
More, including a video, here.



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From the reaction you would have thought it was the KKK out marching in the streets.
Remember a couple generations ago when Southern Whites would say of an Uncle Tom, "He's one of the good ones. He knows his place." That's what's happening now between folks like Tina Corgey and atheists.

This has much in common with how their grandparents would have reacted to uppity blacks who wouldn't sit at the back of the bus; or how their parents would have reacted to women's libbers burning their bras. We're this generations' version of a minority that doesn't know it should stay in it's place.
We didn't blast the vuvuzelas like one normally would....we hummed into them more like actually didn't sound half bad :-)
Bryan/College Station has a much bigger problem than atheists or Tina Corgey. B/CS has Aggies.
An atheist band in west Texas is one thing, but using vuvuzelas?!? *LOL* Haven't American soccer fans suffered enough??? *ROFLMAO*
The fact that the woman's kids asked questions about it makes it all worth it.



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