While the fact that I, as an atheist, marrying a christian was a sure fire way to lead to disagreements it went a bit too far today.

She has spending each day at a ongoing church revival for the last two weeks.  Today I finally raised a bit of concern for just how much time she was spending there each day (from about 10am to 3pm and then 6pm to 11pm each day).  Her response was something that I have never experienced before - She "rebuked me in the name of Jesus", called me a devil and proceeded to follow me around the house talking in tongues.  WTF!   How is that any different then a small child sticking their fingers in their ears and saying "nanana I can't hear you!"?  To me that is just incredibly disrespectful and dismissive as if anything said couldn't possibly be from a spouse but had to be the boogieman.  

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Hmmm, speaking in tongues, eh?  Have you, by chance, studied Conversational Klingon?
Your feelings are justified.  Spending 10 hours away from a spouse and family by choice needs some explaining.  You deserve an explanation.  If you re-visit this discussion, make sure that she knows that you're bringing it up because you miss spending time with her.  It appears to be that she's 'escaping' into this other world for some reason and you deserve to know why.  If you would do the same, and escape by playing video games 10 hours a day, or going to the tavern with your buddies 10 hours a day, wouldn't she see her behavior in a similar light? Just because she's 'reviving' her Christianity doesn't mean it's a healthy thing...it sounds destructive to me if she's having these sorts of weird 'outbursts'.  Speaking in tongues is pure theater.  It seems such an odd response to an honest question and an honest concern about your relationship!
She's no ordinary Christian - she's a nut (sorry, I'm no help at all...).

Disturbing ....  :(

Hello, I am also an atheist marred to a christian.

While my wife is no where near as fundamental some things remain the same. 


Main thing is the kids come first. Both should be able to agree to discuss this difference away from the kids.

You don't want her going nuts in front of them and I'm assuming she does not want them to see you responding to her nuttiness...


that settled


She is spending to much time at church and it is not healthy(really who would tell her to talk in tounges at you? and support her in doing that?)


so Simply request less time and church and maybe suggest more time reading the bible. It's the word of her god and may represent a compromise. You may have to offer to read it yourself...bring your observations to her and maybe she will see it's a book...nothing more..


Or if she persists she knows you have read the bible...and for some reason that matters.

You brought up a real issue about the amount of time she spends away from the family and she called you a devil.  Wow.  You're in a very tough situation which, to me, might make our differences irreconcilable.  I just hope she did that out of anger and not because she really believes that you're being controlled by Satan.  Religious belief is the scourge of mankind, especially when it is fanatical.  I'm sorry you're going through that, but I suppose all of us that think rationally will have them. 
Sorry to hear about your situation.  Were you able to resolve the conflict?  Is everything OK now?
Sorry to hear about your dilemma, Brian. It is frustrating to have two people with opposing beliefs in a marriage. Worse, if you have in-laws dipping their grubby fingers in your already strained relationship. I do not have any good advice. But I do hope things turn out well for you. :(
It's not just disrespectful and dismissive, it's frightening. How can you possibly make a marriage work when by definition she HAS to believe you're going to hell? I don't get it.

I think it might be intervention time....

So sad, especially for the kids.

Dang, I feel bad for you. Sounds like she might be getting an extra dose of crazy brainwashing at that revival. I could try and give advice but, it would probably be to sarcastic and inappropriate. Hope the crazy doesn't stick and she can become the woman you fell in love with again. If not, head for the hills before she tries to do an exorcism on you.




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