Greetings to all members of A.N.

I would like to introduce myself to all members of this forum. I hail form Johannesburg, South-Africa, and I am 26 years of age. By my own understanding on the definition of the word, I am an Atheist. In a narrower sense on it's meaning, I do not believe in the existence of any deities/supernatural beings/magic etc.

I have not read much literature written by famous Atheists (for example Richard Dawkins), nor have I discussed my views much with anyone. Thus, my decision to join the A.N. It is a great opportunity for me to learn, and share thoughts and fact with like-minded people, on various subjects encompassing Atheism.

I am Looking forward to what the future may hold.


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Greets and salutes, Bill.  We're glad to have you here!

Hi Bill. Glad you have joined us. Welcome.

Welcome, glad to have you. How are most people in South Africa in regards to religious belief? Here in Minnesota in the northern US, it is definitely not the Bible Belt, but most people assume that most people are religious. 
Hi Bill, No worries, you aren't the only South African from Johannesburg.
Glad to see you here, hopefully more south africans will join in, I know there are quite a few of us.

Welcome Bill

Hi Bill, I'm from Cape Town. Welcome to reality.

Welcome to the forum Bill. "like-minded" might be a hasty generalization for this group. The only thing we have in common is our lack of belief.  There may be some trending on personality types.  But, that trending is starting to fade as non-belief becomes more accepted.  Overall, we are just another cross-section of society.




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