An Atheist Who Doesn't Think An Atheist Should Be President

S.E. Cupp, conservative pundit, Glen Beck follower, new MSNBC host, and self professed Atheist has just said one of the most mind numbingly ridiculous things that an Atheist could say.  in a discussion about Mitt Romney's religion, she was asked what if he were an Atheist?  her response was something that i can't imagine any other Atheist in the world stating:

"“And you know what? I would never vote for an atheist president. Ever,”

wait, what????  she added:

“Because I do not think that someone who represents 5 to 10 percent of the population should be representing and thinking that everyone else in the world is crazy, but me,”

ok, i may be using my brain too much, but isn't the Mormon population much less than 5% here in the US?  i'll let her finish:

“The other part of it — I like that there is a check, OK? That there‘s a person in the office that doesn’t think he’s bigger than the state,” she continued. “I like religion being a check and knowing that my president goes home every night addressing someone above him and not thinking all the power resides right here… Atheists don’t have that.”

really?  you like that the leader of the Free World thinks he is communicating with a being that you know doesn't even exist?  look, we all get over the fact that most people truly believe in a God, and some even think they talk to the big Guy, but that idea is something that gives most Atheists the shivers (or the willies, or the heebie jeebies).  and that's when ordinary people do it.  when the POTUS gets advice from a non-existent entity, we Atheist get concerned. 

and it may never become an issue.  perhaps our Christian President's of the past have simply paid God lip service.  perhaps they have never taken advice from their imaginary friend, although one wonders about GWB.  but as an Atheist, this is one of our primary concerns with Religion in the Government.  and here is Ms. Cupp, an Atheist, stating that she wants a Religious person in charge.  worse yet, she doesn't want someone who relies on reason, logic, and evidence to be elected President? 

her rationale is clearly faulty.  just because someone is an Atheist doesn't mean that they think they are bigger than the state.  where did that even come from?  does she believe herself to be bigger than the state?  maybe she's projecting her own gigantic ego on other Atheists.  maybe she's hung around the GOP Beckbot Religious crowd too long and has started to believe their bullshit.  and i hate to go here, because i don't like to get into other people's minds, but it must be asked - maybe she's not really an Atheist. 

finally, she thinks that all Atheists think religious people are crazy, hence they can't properly govern all the people.  while this is true for some Atheists, most seem to think that they are unfortunate to have been given their Religious life, at least the fundamentalists.  regardless, don't all different Religions have this element to it?  certainly Evangelical Christians think that Mormons are crazy.  i don't know what Mormons believe, but since their doctrine is far different from the other Christian beliefs, is it unreasonable to think that many Mormons feel that all other sects of Christianity are crazy?  one thing we do know is that all forms of Christianity think that Islam is crazy. 

S.E. Cupp has failed the test.  she gets an F minus for her comment.  many people call her smart, and perhaps that is the case, but she fails to use even the most basic form of logic in her statements here.  and as a result, i must question her motive for her argument. 

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I considered that when I read the article. Coincidentally, I just began visiting the Glenn Beck supported website At work I am surrounded by religious, libertarian, conspiracy theorists so I joined to get a better handle on the loyal opposition. It's a whackfest over there and I encourage as many atheists as possible to visit the faith section. Let's just say It is a rocky place where our logic can find no purchase. The bleating is deafening but quite entertaining. I suffer some guilt over the fact that by visiting I contribute advertising $$$ to Beck but taunting the hillbillies is a guilty pleasure I can't seem to overcome.

The atheism of S.E. Cupp is overlooked as she is perceived to be an intellectual capable of smacking down "the libtards" (their words, not mine).

I figure this must be an experiment in pandering. Maybe it's the desperation of a party so determined to make Obama a one term president they'll try any angle imaginable.

I think this just blew up in their faces. While what she is saying may be agreeable to those who support Beck, she just lost any credibility she had with the atheist crowd. At this point, I'm extremely skeptical as to her being an atheist. If a person doesn't represent your values, don't vote for them. To disregard them because they're a minority makes no sense. We're doomed if smart people can't be elected because they're a tiny portion of our society.

Greg, i'm also a "troll" over at the Blaze.  i'm PHILLY ATHEIST.  you? 

"We're doomed if smart people can't be elected because they're a tiny portion of our society."

too true. 

Wow, small world. You sir, deserve a medal for persistance (and perhaps also a bath)


I have to say I am am impressed with the effort you and a few others have shown.  Just that amount of chaos has inspired me to suggest some sort of flash mob attack for the next big story on theblaze. I'm sure if we totally skewed the next poll it would be hysterically funny.

I am Grubmeister on theblaze. Honestly, I haven't done much troll posting before so I have mixed feelings about it. Baiting the natives is sometimes as easy as digging a hole and watching them fall in. Other times you run into those who regard any and all scripture as fact. There is no argument that will muddy their water. I find it depressing when I see it and sometimes lose a bit of my composure. I sometimes feel as if I'm still trying to find my voice under combat conditions.

Keep up the good work and I'll see you there.



Just out of curiosity, do you see the element of religiously based racism against Obama that I do? Like Matthew, I too have extremist conspiracy theory conservative relatives that have an apoplectic fit the minute you mention his name. Everything they allege about our current President has some connection to proposals their side of the aisle previously made, e.g. health care mandate that was originally proposed by Republican Orin Hatch during the Clinton administration and passed into law by Romney. Something I'm not overly thrilled with, but I get the distinct impression that if it was done by a white person, it would not get the reaction that it currently does.

I have to be careful what I say, and to whom, in my job. I can only probe so deep before I am looked upon with suspicion. I can't say anyone has come right out and said they despised Obama because of his race. I can say I suspect as much though. The degree of vitriol I've witnessed is beyond what is justified, especially for a president who has worked to continue so many of the Bush policies.

I do think there are special circumstances that explain some of it though. Not to point fingers but I believe we've increased overspending to the point where we are printing new money to cover it up. The latest recession/depression means the sitting president gets all the blame, especially if your guy lost. It's easy to take potshots when there is no way to quantitatively prove the stimulus alleviated problems with the economy.

Being a black president isn't going to be a neutral attribute for a couple of generations for a good portion of our society. It's a hard issue to deal with or even evaluate. Any person with even a marginal intelligence knows they can mask racism by blaming every other problem on the president. I would be thoroughly disgusted if I were to find the current intransigence being displayed by the republicans were based more on race than everyday politics.

There's positive racism too.  There is NO chance that a white person with Obama's resume (not even a full term in the Senate) could be elected President. He's the first Affirmative Action President.

But yes, I believe there are many people in this country who cannot stomach the notion of a black man, whatever his provenance, in the White (get it?) House.

Greg, i guess you're familiar with my work over there.  i'm fairly notorious from what i can gather.  i really don't think that when i respond to a comment over there that it will change the commenter's mind.  i try to comment on the most absurd claims, hoping that a reasonable Believer will see which side makes the most sense.  i have no idea if that happens, but it's my goal.  sometimes i do some baiting, picking a particular line of comment that i know will generate the types of ridiculous responses i'm looking for.  surprisingly, there are some very nice and reasonable people who comment on the articles, but they are very few and far between, right? 

Pat, it can be awfully frustrating can't it?  since my mother has now embraced that idiology, i've had a hard time thinking about her in a positive light.  it's difficult to rationalize.  were she not my mother i most likely wouldn't think very highly of her.  that's a hard thing to come to grips with.  i try to remember that she is being deliberately influenced and that she is still the same tolerant and loving person that i remember from my youth.  i think it's not her fault. 

as far as your Obama comment i couldn't agree more.  i'm a white person and can't even imagine being worried that white people will some day be a minority in America.  who cares?  they care - A LOT. 

re: Anyone but Obama-ites: My disdain for Bush was fairly complete but I never produced a violent spray of spittle talking about him. I absolutely believe racism plays a big role.  

Thank you trolls for spreading the good word. Keep it up!

 ....a rocky place where our logic can find no purchase...   ....taunting the hillbillies is a guilty pleasure I can't seem to overcome.


yeah, i liked that part too.  it's a fitting description if you've dared to venture into the scary places on the internet, a la the Blaze or 

There is no logic there.

Ok, how does she explain Mitt Romney as a Mormon he only represents  only 1.7 % of the USA population according to PEW. 

While the unaffiliated are 16% 

ya gotta be kiddn'.. atheists wont kill women (you know like taliban and whatever psychotic w/o education types) or take their rights away hello

but hey.. i'm just a poor boy




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