Hello all athiests, I have a question regarding how do athiest make funeral arrangments, ie( the showing), I recently lost a close friend who I grew up with, and shared the same intrests in politics, culture, and religion.He was given a traditional christian burial which I knew he did'nt want.Since this I want to make sure I get the funeral I want without a typical christian funeral. I now for certain I would want to be cremated, but my question is how does the typical atheist funeral work?

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We just talked about this last night at a get-together!  One of our group was recently certified as a "Humanist Celebrant" and as such is authorized to conduct secular weddings, funerals, and baby naming ceremonies. I believe he was certified through the American Humanist Association. It likely depends on what state (or country?) you live in as to whether or not that is a legally recognized agency, but if you google that term and look for certified people in your area you should be able to find someone who can help you make some decisions.  Aside from that, make sure that your next of kin, or whoever you have overseeing final arrangements, is someone you trust to carry out your instructions or wishes.  Hope it's a very long time before you must confront the issue but being prepared is a good thing!

Well in the UK the option to have a Hummanist speaker has been around for a while; both my father and brother's furnerals involved a combination of music they'd liked; the presiding Hummanist talking about their life based on interviews with close family. No hint of God or bible readings; so this worked for us.

Most of us in the UK if not Catholic or Muslim get cremated; so the only difference was the absence of reference to the usual religious inserts; which have always been pointless as I can't remember anyone being the slighest bit concerned with religion in the family.




First things first.  Go see a lawyer and have it spelled out in your Last Will and Testament that any memorial service is not to be religious.  You can get as specific (Stars Wars costume), or as general (no magic incantations), as you want in the directions.  This should, if handled properly, prevent this from happening.

As to the specifics of the arrangements, ask around with various funeral directors.  You might be surprised at how many of them (depending on the size of your community) have arrangements or "services" for the deceased that leave out the magic sky spirits.

Your photo indicates that you might be a bit young to think about a pre-paid funeral, but that too, is always a possibility.

I know it isn't green of me, buy I want my ashes shot into space.. Idk sounds like a cool idea. I've looked into it it is expensive hopefully it will become cheap enough for a homeless athiest to do it as well..
If I die before my wife, I expect I'll have a Liberal Protestant service, and I'm OK with that.  It'll be for her, after all.  But just as the Founding Fathers have been xtianized posthumously, there's always a danger that the person in charge will have us reborn in his or her own image.  I'll be dead anyway, so I can't get really agitated over it.  Those who knew me will understand.

donate all ur body parts

nd burn your body in crematorium

I always liked the idea of Wake, where you just throw a party. If I got hit by a car tomorrow, I think that's what I would want.

 I have seen that burial grounds occupy a lot of space and in some places it has become difficult to find additional space required for the burial grounds. I therefore believe that cremation of the dead body is a better way of disposing it. As an atheist and an aged person, I have alredy told my sons that my body should be creamated after my death and without any kind of a religious ritual. I have also told them that there should no other religious services after that. My sons are also veering towards atheism and I fully believe that they will obey my wishes.  

I agree totally Madhukar, cemeteries are a huge waste of real estate and exist simply to make the living feel better for the dead.

I will be cremated and ashes thrown to the wind somewhere with no pomp and ceremony.

Personally, it doesn't matter what funeral i have because I'll be dead. So here comes the water. I'll probably be buried and all that from the wishes of those who are comforted most by the funeral, be it Christian or whatever. I think that my goodbye is of no significance as far as the attendance. If it comforts my christian sister that she believes i'm in her heaven or hell does me no harm or good.

I don't have to worry about having a religious funeral. My birth family are all dead and all my friends are atheist. There won't be anyone to try and force a religious funeral. What do I want after I am dead. I want to be cremated and have my ashes shot into the sun. My remains will (hopefully) get to do what I didn't get to do while I was alive. Go to the stars.

My wife is having her body donated to the Body Farm in Tennessee after organ donation.




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