An Interesting Account of a Former High-level Christian Activist Who Had a "Crisis of Faith"

The Chains of Dominion

Elaine White was once in the inner circle of political power in the second-largest state in the nation. Then a crisis of faith changed all that.


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Thanks for sharing that account of how patriarchy drove her away from the religious right!

This could be a pull quote:

Fundamentalism, said Rigby, has to keep people “permanently frightened or angry” in order to maintain its hold on them.

(quoting the Rev. Jim Rigby of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Austin, long active in Texas pro-choice politics)

Great point, GC. And that pretty much seems to capture the Republican approach to public discourse as well.

Clearly the devil found his way into her heart. :)

How do we know that the devil didn't inspire those fundamentalist Christian leaders, or plant all known versions of the bible text, as a diabolical way to cause discord, enmity, and suffering?

Occam's razor: we humans are quite capable of making destructive shit up on our own.

We're also hopefully capable of creating a flourishing, egalitarian, Partnership Culture world, of including more of our fellow humans in "us" (rather than "them"), and of working towards a "heaven on earth".

He is said to be a cunning little bitch! Now, if we can just get the Christians of the world to believe they've been fooled by Satan into thinking the bible is the work of god, then maybe we can finally come to a concensus that slavery is bad, women are not subservient to men, gays are not evil, and the earth was not put here for humans to rape in any manner they choose.

Exactly. I told my atheist co-worker that we need to start our own religion, and he agreed completely. But we were thinking of it more as a money-making scheme on the side.

I like the idea of getting people to re-think their religion by turning it on themselves. That's why I've been thinking about joining the local reformed catholic church and reforming it even further, to the point where the god crap has been extracted.

Maybe that's the angle- join the church, blend in using my catholic upbringing, then have a "revelation." I could talk to my new friends and tell them how I've been having dreams, how the devil has been laughing behind the altar of every church, the way people revere the slaughtered corpse on the cross, and never agree on what they're supposed to be doing.

And to quote Homer Simpson, "Suppose we've chosen the wrong god. Every time we go to church we're just making him madder and madder." I could add that Satan said that in my dream; that we've all chosen the wrong god.

So by subscribing to religion, we're all soldiers of satan and doing exactly what he hoped. Yeah....................who's in?! We all have to join our local churches and have this "dream" on the same day.

I love it. If the Mormons can have a vision to let African Americans in, why can't we have a dream and kick god out? A possible motto: God's like a diaper: full of shit and all over your ass.

The Rev. Jim Huber had a vision where God appeared to him and said, among other things, that he (God) didn't exist."I was there, in the presence of what was undeniably God being told by God that there was no God, and that I should not believe in Him."

I'd choose authenticity, honesty.

Anyway, I find religious stuff not only a waste of my time but irritating. Why waste yourself stepping in pig shit?

This woman has been around and through a lot, but my bet is that she would likely go back to it all again if the right leader came along to entice her. Theists have that way of claimig they were "misled by other christians but they have now learned that person was not a true christian." This is a bigger copout than Pascal's wager. It's also why America has over 3,000 christian denominations. Yeah, we just keep on wanting to believe.

I don't believe in the Loch Ness monster, but I hear on good authority that another swimming serpent was sighted in this other lake. Let's go check it out.




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