E’llo all a quick introduction and background information:
The child of a baptist church, the daughter of a devoted catholic Mother-
equals proud (yet quiet) Atheist me.

I say ‘quiet’ because my family is very old-fashion, and despite my proud ways
I feel if I mentioned too much to them, I would be shunned.
(As I am sure plenty of those on this site have (or are) in this very same situation).
My mother and her family as I mentioned before are catholic, so along with her
I also have eleven aunts and uncles with countless cousins. My grandmother
as our matriarch is the final word in that portion of my family- so do not piss Nana off.

Now my father is also a freethinker (a step away from Atheism making him an Agnostic),
Though his mother and father (Grandpo and Grandma) are the proud owners of a local
church that indorses conversions, tongues, and ’selective creationism’.

Thus my life prior to Atheism was one fought with confusion toward which branch of
Christianity was right- I went to catholic school yet attended baptist mass and weekend camp..
Brainwashed to the point where I literarily wished I would die so such a horrible sinner would
be washed off the face of the earth. 
Luckily my father saw my early slip into depression (around eight or nine years old at the time)
and confronted me- he slowly inspired me to think for myself and use my critical thinking skills.

Thus ten years later, I can stand firmly with what I believe now.
And very happy I stumbled upon this site. :)

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Nice to have you here!
Thank you both. :)
Welcome silver! A powerful story, and glad you found us. My unsolicited advice - find a job and move far away from those nuts. But stay close to your dad, he sounds awesome!
Welcome! I'm a newbie as well, and I can relate to this. I'm going through it with my mom at the moment, so I know where you are coming from (my family is Baptist, so yeah...).
Yes, my father is quite a strong man, and to be fair
my mother as strict as she is still accepts me.
We currently have the whole 'don't speak of it' attitude.

Hi Ho Silver, Awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Sounds like you better have about 20 kids to undo all the religious damage your family has done.


I hope you understand how lucky you are to have a father how understands you.

My Daughter is atheist but she had friends in high school who both parents were fundamentalist.  One particular friend of hers was very intelligent but when faced with doubt her parents told her it was the devil.  Ten years later she is really messed up and confussed.  Last I heard she was working as a stripper. 

My daughter just got her Masters Degree in education.  It is important that you and your father support each other.  That is a relationship that won't last forever so savor it.  You will need it if you ever have children.

Hi, good to know that you came out. Hope everything is ok, take care now.




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