Any other Mac users having to wait forever for this site to load? This is the only site I've run into slow load times. Doesn't matter if I'm running Safari 4 or Firefox, its always slow. When I log on from a PC it seems to load fine, even when running Safari 4 on it.
Any ideas?

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Shouldn't be. Clear your cache. Check your java and flash plugins are up to date. With FF, the FlashBlock extension can do wonders - you only run the flash bits you want.
Thanks. :)
Try turning off the chat. At work I found fixed all the slowness problems I was experiencing on my mac vanished when I logged out of the chat. Something about Ning chat and OSX, and how they interact. I have none of these issues with Firefox and windows xp/vista.
I updated my Java and Flash plug-ins and emptied the cache. I even updated Safari. It's a little better, but Im still waiting for the beach ball longer here than on other websites. Next Im going to have to update and try FF and activate Flash Block. BBL
I don't have any speed problems using OS 10.5.6 with safari 4.04. I do have problems posting URL's though. Sometime I can use < a > (without spaces) before and after a URL and it works, other times it works as a copy paste. I don't understand why sometimes the link works and sometimes it doesn't.
Disk maintenance is always a good idea. Under utilities - Disk Utilities - select drive then -Repair Permissions.
firefox renders better than safari
that much I can say

other than that, my connection is actually not so fast
but AN loads fine using firefox


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