In writing something I came across a famous old speech of Senator William Fulbright given in the Senate in 1964, a speech that became the basis of his book Old Myths and New Realities. What impressed me was the eloquence and intellectual tone. I wonder if we have anyone in the Senate today who could come up to  this level of thinking. Our current political dialogue seems greatly degraded from this standard.

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The link isn't working for me, Dr. Clark.

It worked before I saved the post, but somewhere in between something must have got lost.

That happens to me frequently and I don't know why. 

I wasn't able to access from above URL I used this and it worked:

I haven't read it yet 

Thanks, Allen and Joan.

I copied it to a Word document with a larger font size so I can read it offline.

I remember Fulbright as a Republican we can respect.

Tom, I agree!

Fulbirght's speech shows how far our political discourse has descended into the muck of partisanship.




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