How dare this man come to my country as a tourist, & behave in that manner!!!!! Guns before questions is a lot of the damn problem with people, & frankly I'm bloody sick of it!!! Then he has to bring up his 'lawd jeezuzz cryst' in his letter as if that makes a difference to what wanted to do!!!!!


American police officer bemoans lack of guns in Canada

by Sameer Vasta

A police officer from Michigan was tempted to pull out his handgun after a seemingly-friendly encounter in a Calgary park. I, for one, am glad he wasn't allowed to have one with him.

If Walt Wawra had his way, a simple and friendly meeting with a couple of Calgarians could have ended in injury, or even death. Thankfully, in Canada, people like Wawra don't have easy access to handguns like they do in Kalamazoo.
Yesterday, the Calgary Herald ran a letter by Wawra, a police officer from Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he bemoaned the fact that he was not allowed to carry his handgun into the country with him on his recent trip to Calgary.
According to Wawra, while he and his wife were strolling through Nose Hill Park during their recent trip up north, they were confronted by two young men who asked if they had gone to the Stampede. When Wawra and his wife didn't answer, the men asked again — Wawra then said that they had nothing to say to the men, and walked away as the friendly Calgarians watched them, bewildered.
Wawra decried the fact that he wasn't able to reach for his handgun during the confrontation. His letter made it clear that he would have felt safer if he were able to brandish his firearm instead of walking away politely.
Here's what I have to say to Walt Wawra: you are ridiculous.The men who approached you and asked if you had gone to the Stampede did so not because they wanted to harm you, but because they were friendly. In Canada, it's not abnormal to be cordial to the people that share the park with you and make conversation; it's especially normal to be asked about the Stampede while in Calgary during the Stampede. The bewildered look you got from the men wasn't because they were threatening, but because they were confused why you wouldn't just say "yes" or "no" and respond to their friendly banter.
If you had pulled out your weapon, Mr. Wawra, I guarantee the situation would have got worse, not better. If you had access to a gun and had brandished it in this situation, all the friendliness would have disappeared from the confrontation and instead be replaced by threat, fear, and confusion.
Nothing good comes from fear: people make stupid mistakes, and those mistakes end with people getting hurt.Mr. Wawra — the reason we don't allow concealed handguns in our parks is to protect ourselves from people like you. The fact that your first instinct in an encounter, friendly or otherwise, was to reach for your weapon, shows that the people we have to fear most are not happy Stampede-goers, but overly-suspicious, gun-happy gun owners that think violence can act as security.
If you had your gun, Mr. Wawra, what was probably just a friendly encounter with two boisterous and happy well-wishers could have ended with the unfortunate and unnecessary loss of life. You may have felt unsafe without your gun here, but I feel safer knowing you don't have it.

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Good discussion - I am enjoying the responses here

That is so messed up....

The discussion hasn't stopped in the US.  Although discuss is all the damned polititians ever do. The day Zimmerman got off for murdering an unarmed black teen(,about two months ago??) was a sad day indeed.  Along with all the school shootings.  Elementary school children being murdered.. in their school.  Everyone is angry but the damned polititians just want to keep raking in money from the gun lobbyist.   Liars and thieves.  The whole bunch of them are liars and thieves.

I'm a gun owner but if giving the damned thing up would stop some of this senseless,out of control, violence, I would cheerfully hand it over.


Most people thought the same.  It was the racial make up that turned it in his favor.  Had it been reversed Martin would have been convicted without a second thought.  It's the same reason republicans are so disrespectful to our president.  They can say it's not racist all they want but it's flat out racism that's behind all this bullshit political fighting. I don't understand it.  Tea party my ass.  They may as well call themselves the kkk. The only bills that have passed are some crap about renaming a bridge or some nonsense.

They should be ashamed of themselves, They represent only 16% of the people but obstruct any effort to further anything, for anyone, in the US. 




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