So I was talking to a Christian (catholic to be exact) and was told that I was "taking verses out of context" and that "if you (I) want to learn about the bible you (I) should go to the people who claim to have written it." Of course I brought up the FACT that the catholic faith is not responsible for writing the bible, BUT it brought an interesting idea to my atheist brain.....why don't I do that?

Why not go to seminary and learn from the people who support it? I'm always wanting to debate theists because I believe that religion will be the plague that destroys mankind. I think the only way to defeat it is one person at a time. I know most disagree citing that it will take to long and by that time the religious nuts will have control of nukes....well in my opinion that is all ready the case. (look at my country for an example...)

So I am considering going to seminary. Actually sitting in class and learning this junk they spew forward as the truth....I'm even considering going to an Islamic seminary of some sort to learn their awkward beliefs as well. I just wanted to throw the idea out here first and see what my fellow atheists think....any warnings or advice I should keep in mind? Should I even do it? Why or why not?

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My main concern is, really, how will you pay for this? I'd suggest getting a grant then writing a book about it, but I doubt it will go anywhere.
They actually offer this free here in the bible belt as long as you pass. I forget what the average I have to make is but, as long as I pass in gratis!


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