Man Fails to Make Complete Stop at Stop Sign, Is Anally Searched 8 ...

If you're pulled over for failing to come to a full stop at a stop sign, this could happen.

A lawsuit alleges that David Eckert was forced to go through invasive and repeated searches of his anus by police and doctors.

A New Mexico man has filed a federal lawsuit over a traffic stop gone horribly wrong. The New Mexico-based news outlet KOB 4 investigates the story of David Eckert, who was forced to go through invasive and repeated searches of his anus by police and doctors, despite the fact that he had no drugs on him.

The nightmare began on January 2, 2013. New Mexico resident Eckert was driving out of a WalMart parking lot when he didn’t make a complete stop at a stop sign, and was pulled over. Law enforcement thought he was “clenching his buttocks,” and obtained a search warrant from a judge to search his anus for narcotics.

Police from Deming, New Mexico took Eckert to an emergency room to undergo the anal cavity search, but a doctor refused to perform it because it was “unethical,” according to the lawsuit.  But a few hours later, doctors agreed to perform the search.

It wasn’t only one search. An x-ray of Eckert found no narcotics. Doctors performed a search of his anus with their fingers. Again, nothing was found. On three separate occasions, doctors inserted an “enema”--a device used to induce bowel movements--into Eckert, and he was forced to defecate. They x-rayed him again. Nothing was ever found.

Finally, and without the consent of Eckert, he was sedated and a colonoscopy was performed on him. No drugs were ever found throughout the invasive procedures. [emphasis mine]

I hope Eckert gets a six figure settlement.

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Medical procedures require informed consent.  The article states the colonoscopy was done without consent..  If not, then the doctors who (I don't want to use the word "treated") mistreated him, are legally vulnerable to felony assault charges.  Where I work, that means loss of license.  Which I think is deserved in this case.
I think Xray should have revealed drug packets.  I can't imagine it would not.  Xrays show fecal materal quite nicely.   As far as I can see from this article, there was no medical or legal reason to do the colonoscopy.Also from the Huffpost article:"Kennedy said that the officers' warrant allowing them to search Eckert expired hours before his ordeal was over, and the warrant wasn't even valid in the county where the procedures were performed."Jesus Mary and Joseph, this is bad in every way.Reading the web, sometimes we find what was first stated turns out to not be true.  We should have a modicum of skepticism.  But if all of those are true.... horrible.

According to an interview with Bill Maher's guest, last night, all this was legal  But how can that be?  What's happening in this world?

One of the Huff Post commentors stated this.  I don't know, but it feels correct to me.:


The international community has robustly condemned the involvement of medical professionals in interrogations. For example, United Nations Resolution 37/194, the text of which can be found at: In particular I draw your attention to Principle 3, which forbids physicians from engaging in conduct that is not solely to evaluate, protect or improve the patient's physical and mental health, and to Principle 4, which forbids physicians from assisting in interrogation of prisoners. I believe that a physician who collects, or attempts to collect, evidence to help the Police, acts in violation of this UN Resolution.

What Loren and Joan said!

Law enforcement officers need to face serious consequences when there's clear abuse.

Wow! The police must have nothing better to do. Eight probed seems a bit on the high
Side, but I know it happened.

I have heard of this injustice on the news  - I hope he sues and gets a settlement.

Yes, a huge settlement and also hopefully the satisfaction of knowing that several people will loose their jobs over this indefensible conduct.   

OK! What are the options? 

Remain silent, don't make a fuss, it is none of our business, he probably deserved what he got. (Deaf, dumb, and blind)

Get angry and yell at the spouse or kids, kick the dog, cuss and blow our stacks, making a lot of noise. ( a furry signifying nothing)

Or, take a stand in defiance of the growing police state. Stand up, so others can see and hear us, and demand an accountability from law enforcement that such tyranny is not allowed in this country in this age. (thought + action = praexis.) 

What are the consequences of each option? Maintain the status quo; take action without thinking it through and creating chaos and feelings of helpless, or put thought and action into play and join with other to put an end to the nonsense that is taking place in our governments. 

And that means holding our governments accountable and responsible.  

- Those procedures are not without risk!!!  Especially the colonoscopy - but enemas, Xrays and even sticking a finger up someone's rectum, have risks.  The colonoscopy has a risk of perforating someone's intestine!  And sedation has a risk also. 

- It sounds like this happened because he was close to the border and there's probably lot of drug running in that area.  Another atrocity in the name of protecting people from themselves ... another argument for legalizing drugs.

- I wonder if Eckert is black or hispanic.  I suppose they would have mentioned it if he was. 

What astonishes me more than anything else about this entire incident ... is that No One SAW That They Were Going Over The Top!  No one had sufficient conscience to say, "Isn't this a bit much?" or "We still haven't found the least trace of drugs; it's time we quit and apologized to this man."  They just went on and on, using the license given to them by the people of New Mexico, until the only thing they hadn't done was vivisect him in search of the ultimate stash.  No One Said, "STOP - ENOUGH." 

I have to say this: until the civil case against the Deming Police Department, the city of Deming and any other enjoined personnel and officials is properly adjudicated and Mr. Eckhert has been properly awarded their proverbial arm, leg and first-born as punitive correction and a reminder that with the rights of the police go considerable and serious responsibilities, I will go nowhere near the "Land of Enchantment" if I can at all avoid it.  Do I have to mention that old and often-referenced psychology experiment where an unseen victim (who doesn't exist) is administered increasingly powerful electric shocks in response to incorrect answers to questions?

To anyone who thought such a scenario would never play out in the real world, I say, "Here's your Exhibit A ... RIGHT HERE."

I think I've heard stuff about scary New Mexico cops, in comments on the Flex Your Rights videos on Youtube.  People said they were afraid if they stood up for their right to refuse a search around New Mexico cops, they'd be beaten up. 

Those "flex your rights" videos are a great thing for anybody to watch.  As they point out, it's quite common for people to get into legal trouble as a result of a police search that they consented to, wishing to be cooperative.  Police find something they can charge the person with, even if it had nothing to do with the original reason for the search. 

Just another indication of the growing sheep/herd mentality that brings no good to anyone. A bully, whether an individual or a nation, leads to chaos and revolt. Can you hear the mobs forming in little circles, bubbling with rage, rising to action. History repeats itself, over and over and over and over. 



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