Cornel West & Rev. Traci Blackmon: Clergy in Charlottesville We...

In this Democracy Now interview, Cornel West and Rev. Traci Blackmon say that they and 20 University of Virginia students owed their lives to AntiFascists and Anarchists who protected them from thousands of white supremacists. Police stood aside to let neo-Nazi protestors attack the antiprotestors.

screen grab from the video

Cornel West:

The next day, for example, those 20 of us who were standing, many of them clergy, we would have been crushed like cockroaches if it were not for the anarchists and the antifascists who approached, over 300, 350 antifascists. We just had 20. And we’re singing "This Little light of Mine,"…

The antifascists, and then, crucial, the anarchists, because they saved our lives, actually. We would have been completely crushed, and I’ll never forget that. [emphasis mine]

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This is a forum of atheist who are expressing their opinions. If you don't like the conversation then maybe you should find another forum or just move to another subject. It is also ok to disagree with what another says. You asked a question and I answered it. One thing  that I have  learned over the years is that we are a minority and we have been unfairly dealt a bad hand. I had my doubts about Christianity and any other religion at a very young age. I was punished are ridiculed if I questioned the origins of Christianity and it's validity. I was told that I cannot think the way that I was thinking. That caused me to rebel and to become a free thinker. It has been very obvious to me that the religious right has been given all of the advantages. They are protected by law enforcement and the government. That is why I joined this forum. So I ask those who are questioning the value of our discussion, "why did you join this forum?" Did you join for the purpose of trying to flaunt your intellectual superiority or for the purpose of accomplishing a result that helps make our lives better? I joined for the purpose of trying to make our lives better and to help establish the fact that being and atheists is not taboo. Now we come up against cognitive discord all too often outside of our own little group. Let's try to remember that we are all unique and special.

As far as I am concerned, I am an atheist who wants to discuss current events, political and otherwise. I gain perspective by reading others' responses to the current events. There are some here who tend toward philosophy and thinking with a memory of past events that led to challenges of the present. Take, for example, the modern version of the hate going on between Israel and Palestine. If I read newspapers, watch TV, listen to newscasts, too often, I learn of one country's atrocities without the perspective of past events that I have forgotten. Also, realizing that that struggle is not only political but religious. 

I am glad you asked the question, Blasphemer, I gave it some thought and hope you join in the conversation, offer subjects of interest to you, and skip the topics that do not interest you. You are in charge of what you read and who you follow. 

Pretty much a battle of political ideology.  Or more like a friendly skirmish really.

Let's put it this way. What you might consider political , I see it as something vital to society. I don't give a flip about philosophical  BS. Yes, there are a few left-winged radicals but they are not the problem of the day. Hate is the real issue and it is the right that is perpetuating the hate. It's a real problem to society and to our security. I have never considered violence as a viable option and never will. There is however no doubt that our president is a white supremacist sympathizer. We don't need country western singers making comparisons of Barack Obama to Hitler in Monday night football lead ins, nor do we need anyone that performs at super bowl halftimes pushing left winged hate. Our country is too divided but my God the worst of it by far is coming from the right. It goes way beyond politics but politics are part of the issue. So what do you see as meaningless? Unfortunately Christian fundamentalism is pushing hate and  we need to get out there and counter them with logic, common sense and empathy for humanity and  Carry on. We don't have to be so closed but feel free to say whatever you choose to say in the discussion rather than criticizing what others might be discussing.

Demonizing is coming pretty hot and heavy from both directions.  I feel more from left than right.  But it's all opinion and not something that can be easily quantified or put into statistics.  Hate is an equal opportunity offender.  It comes from both sides.

As our President declared.

It seems to me the right has deployed systematic lies, not the least of which is the vote-getting atrocity that government itself is the enemy, for at least three decades to stir up maximum fear and hate of the other (what- and whom-ever that may be for any given bigot). Our current situation-slash-plight is the consequence of belief in those right-wing lies reaching critical mass. Meanwhile the left has been a useless idiot, not even in the same league and unable to counter any of this bullshit. Who do you think the left has "demonized?" 

Well, play it out for me.  Fill in the blanks for me.  What future are you predicting here?  If fearless truth tellers, freedom fighters, and anti-fascists like you and Ruth and some others here don't stand up to this onslaught of right wing madness, please, tell me what fate awaits?  Do you really expect Charlottesville writ large, KKK and Nazis marching through the streets in mass numbers in every city?  Get real.  The radical racist right is a kooky fringe and is only scary because social justice warriors like you guys insist it must be.

 As far as I'm concerned the entire notion of "social justice warriors" is more right wing propaganda. So according to you, we're causing the NAZI KKK bullshit. OK then, got it. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Jerry, do you extend your "both sides" moral equivalency argument to demonizing from religionists and from Atheists? That's another right/left conflict. Do we "demonize" believers to the same extent that they demonize us? Are all of the Atheist tax free properties and Atheist-indoctrination tax-supported schools an equal burden to tax payers as that of the religions combined?

Demonizing can be quantified. Language can be analyzed. Repressive laws can be compared. Is there a huge battle against Atheists who refuse to bake wedding cakes for religious people on anti-theist ethics grounds?

Ruth I see nothing similar in this situation in your analogy, but analogies in general are tricky and hard to get right.  Atheists demonize Christians but have no power to silence or intimidate Christians, Christians demonize atheists but have TREMENDOUS power to silence and intimidate atheists.  Why do you find that similar to my contention that both wanna-be white supremeisist assholes and antifa shut-your-mouth-o-we'll-shut-it-for-you assholes are about the same.  Please explain.


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