How exactly does one "prove" their faith? I can imagine professing to have faith but what more could a person do?

"I'll tell you what. You put your hand on this chopping block and I'll take this axe..."

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One proves his faith just about the same way one proves his religion.

But if you wanted to be specific, I suppose it would come down to whose approval they are trying to get aka who they are trying to convince they have faith. What’s that persons/organizations standard of proof? I imagine it would be made up on the spot, based off their own practices and/or what they think is the minimal requirement (pray 7 times a week, make this much donations, etc. etc.).
Don’t know which one is more asinine. The people trying to ‘prove’ their faith, or those demanding it.

You're right about having to define the threshold for proof of faith. It could mean anything, depending upon the mood of the inquisitor.

It's not such a difficult thing to fake faith. You pretend to pray, you put money in the tray, you learn what to say. I'm sure many people would consider it if their job depended upon it. Myself, I try to come across as a decent human being. If others believe I have faith, I'll correct that misconception when it comes up in conversation.

I do understand why the school is trying to do this but I think it makes them look absolutely awful in the process. As long as they receive no gov't money I think they should have the right to determine who they employ.

And when I saw your subject line, I thought you were talking about cannibalism in North Korea.

That sounds like a fun conversation. Let's talk about that too...but after I finish breakfast.




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