And this is why I lost my confidence on the Democrats.

Ive lost my confidence in the Democrats. IMHO, we have two right wing parties right now. We have a party that's in denial on why they they are hemorrhaging seats in both Senate and Congress when they have been neglecting their voters interests for the past few years.

Then I see this video via the Jimmy Dore Show:

The old treasurer is basically admitting that he found a guy who can convince the corporations to make more money so the corporations could choose the Democrats over the Republicans. 

I'm done with the Democrats vs Republicans narrative. Everyone is done with establishment politics. It's time for everyone to realize it's the establishment bought politicians vs us. The Democrats don't even pander to lefty interests anymore and hope you fly a blue flag.

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The Ds have done nothing but lube themselves up for the Rs for decades.

While the Democrats have pandered to corporate interests, the Republicans are SWIFTLY changing this country into a police state, into a White Nationalist Authoritarian Regime dedicated to enduring corporate dominance pushing Evangelical Christianity.

There is no comparison!

Consider their trial balloon Arizona law.

Ruth understand if you followed DAPL, it was already happening during Obama's administration. They were attacking peaceful protesters. The Republicans are repulsive abominations, but, keep in mind that the Democrats had control of the house and Senate for the first two years of Obama's administration and still were passing right wing laws. Hell, in the past year, theyve voted for fracking, against a $15 minimum wage and they were pro TPP.
Three days ago - Some good news from the Arizona Legislature: SB 1142, the bill that would have allowed protest organizers to be prosecuted for racketeering if a demonstration turned violent, is effectively dead.
That according to the Speaker of the state house of representatives
The surest remedy for corruption is to increase its cost by bringing everyone into the political process. There's not enough money in circulation to bribe everyone.

At present, eighteen states have the direct initiative and referendum and in these states voters:
1) can make laws without interference by law-making bodies, and
2) can veto laws made in law-making bodies.
In the other thirty two states, and in the nation, people are to varying degrees the victims of those they elect to make laws.


Direct initiative was the major factor in fighting gerrymandering in California and Arizona with independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions, helping legislators choose their voters rather than vice versa. In recent years Arizona legislators challenged that removal of their power in court, all the way to the US Supreme Court, and lost.

Funny that you said that. I've posted a month ago about politicians trying to forgo an anti corruption act that was brought in by direct initiative. The South Dakota law makers called a state of emergency and got rid of it.

Some of this might explain why Trump recently said that politics would soon all be one party. Many thought that he was predicting a dictatorship with that remark, but maybe that's not what he meant at all. Maybe it's just the fact that they are all in bed together.

Notice also that tRump has lightened up a little and claims he is willing to work with people now. I think that Miller and some of his other speech writers realize that puffing, blowing, and bragging just doesn't cut it and won't get anyone anywhere.

The two parties differed when I was in Arizona. The humor was that if you want good food join the Rs and if you want good sex join the Ds. Moving to San Francisco in 1976 was like coming back to the 20th century.




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