Last Thursday Tom Sarbeck shared news of the "Ask an Atheist" day, which I decided I'd love to take part in, were that my friends were willing. I crafted a small little writeup on it, and fired it off to several of my friends, atheist and theist alike. I got 3 responses, one from an atheist, one from a theist, and one from someone so deluded as to think that he's actually going to win my soul back for Jesus.

To give you all some context as to how the conversation has been going thus far (it has a detailed back and forth which has been ongoing since), here are a few tidbits therein:

-He began the conversation with a textbook case of question-begging, when he asked me how the reality of the death and resurrection of Jesus affected my scientific beliefs (LOL!).

-He's directed me to William Lane Craig's webpage, after telling me his material was "well thought out", and that Dawkins was afraid to debate him.. When I told him he is a gish-galloping, intellectually dishonest nincompoop, whose a priori ontological arguments I've never taken seriously, he didn't bring him up again.

-He has deliberately gone out of his way to twist and tangle the definition of the very word "atheist", almost as though he's trying to believe he can convince me that I am not one, but instead a confused christian (Jesus Christ, has it been that long since I've spoken to this guy?!).

-He has rejected that in the Old Testament, god is a war-mongering animal, who seemingly feasts on the blood of anyone occupying land that the Israelites want (artistic licensing taken, but I pretty much stand behind this). Instead, his words read:

"What's funny is that when I read through the bible I don't see that at all. Infact in the very beginning of Genesis God demostrates not just HIS LOVE for Adam and Eve, but for all of HUMAN KIND. Its amazing how the Bible is the single greatest Love Story ever !" [sic]

Right. The single greatest love story ever. When he's talking about god's love for Adam and Eve, he must be referring to how gentle god is by mercifully casting them from paradise, instead of (justifiably, of course - because apples are terrible) torturing them for all of eternity in hell. Boy, I've got a chubby just thinking about the romanticism. Get the fuck out of the way, Shakespeare! Yahweh has come to town, and he's getting all loving up in here!

Anyways, I need not go on any more than this, as everyone should have a good idea of the type of self deception I'm dealing with. This was intended to be a har har piece, and hopefully as least a few of you got as much enjoyment out of these words as I have thus far.

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Mathew, here are my two funniest back-and-forths with theists.

I'm a veteran, a political progressive who uses the Veterans Administration "Socialized Medicine" program. I meet conservative (self-reliant to a fault) veterans who also use the program and chat with many. When the context of our conversations allows, I ask "How to you feel about accepting welfare benefits?"

Most of them know that VA benefits don't fit their conservative ideology and show me some discomfort. I back off, usually saying I know the contradiction.

Many try to wiggle away by denying that VA benefits are welfare. I back them into a corner with, "Oh? The taxpayers aren't paying for your benefits?"

Easily the oddest reply: a far right religious vet, after a long hesitation, said, "I guess God is taking care of me."

Another more pragmatic reply: a retired civil engineer, who was so far to the right that he voted for Alan Keyes and who knew I was a Dem, came back with, "How do you feel about it?" I replied, "I'm enjoying it."

Mine has to be. " So you donty believe in God?" Me - "No I don't believe in any gods." Them " So you're going to hell because you are a devil worshiper!". SMH okaaaayyyy.

In a similar  vein, my bible thumping cousin in Louisiana asked me what religion I was, to which I answered, "none I'm an Atheist"  After a long silence he ask, "then how do you find purpose in your life?" ....holy shit!

ha.. warmongering animal! stoked. makes for good lyrics in a rap song...

eh? love story. ha.

haaaa.. great read. post. keep posting! write a book! fav books of mine lately are:

and Marijuanamerica.. true story/journey across USA wondering why the US is so dysfunctional regards to an herb... peace!




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