Over a year ago my grandson was murdered. He seemed to think that gang banging was his lifestyle and it ended up causing his death. My family is still disturbed and in mourning over his loss.

   When this happens in a family you experience all types of strange happenings and odd religious belief. My daughter has even went to a psychic. She doesn't want to hear me when I say that I could have told her as much myself. Anything to believe that somehow this young man still exists somewhere. He is wanting to communicate, wanting to say he is OK. We all believe this in our own way. That's what creates religions to begin with.

   In the Bible we find passages that say angels have wings. In other places angels are not recognized so maybe the wings do not appear. In old religious paintings angels always have wings. Of course they do. How else would you know they are angels? You fly with wings and wings have feathers. Old pictures prove this, right?

   Soon my family members are talking about finding feathers and what it means. An angel was somewhere close by and wanted to let them know it. Maybe the angel wanted to communicate. Just like the fictional Slenderman this idea is picked up on by most and other people are even commenting on how this is so real. The Internet tells me that one person was killed in the name of Slenderman, so feathers and angels isn't so far fetched.

   My granddaughter is going through her second time of finding feathers. She posts on Facebook that her brother is close by and wants to talk with her. She feels this so badly and gets support for her posts.

   Her most recent post had a picture of the type of feather she keeps on finding. She is posting the actual feather and just knows that it was her brother. I couldn't resist this. I replied. I said "most normally you find them on birds."

   I haven't heard much since then.

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you can only hope they'll work the magical thinking out of their system together with the grief

Hm-mm-mm. Michael, for reason(s) I don't know, birds drop feathers. Your grandaughter may be finding some of them.

In my Water Cooler discussion on learned helplessnes, the friend I referred to and I regularly tease each other. I hope he mentions finding feathers; you can bet I will ask if he's been chasing birds.

Of course she is finding bird feathers. My question is in whether it's grief or bullshit. It might be both. In Bronze Age mentality and way before that time, if anything was in the sky it had wings. Men that could fly had wings. With no other model these wings were bird wings. Obviously angels had wings and in paintings these resemble bird wings. People just take this nonsense for granted.

In the film "It's A Wonderful Life" we find that bells ring and another angel gets it's wings. People swallow this right up. What did the angel do before that time? If it didn't fly how did it get from place to place? Did Jesus have wings when he "ascended?" Maybe he had a rocket strapped on his back. At what time do dead humans have these feathered wings attached to their human form and how is this done?

Noted televangelists of a few years ago talked of seeing angels and they had wings with feathers and they were also 12 foot tall. They were serious. How would us humans miss seeing this? Maybe we had better pray more because we are not close enough to god.

Some say our religious heritage has to be true because so many gave their lives for it. In the nonsense that I see they really had no choice. Religion is structured in such a way that it is self serving. It asks no questions except for those that require you to get closer to religion itself. You either believe the nonsense and drink the coolaide, or you do not. This is exactly why we have so many beliefs confined within one belief system. If they do not believe the way you do just go on to another one.

I looked on her Facebook page tonight and she has posted yet another feather she is marveling about. All of her contacts are commenting or giving her thumbs up. It's ridiculous.

I find bird feathers almost everywhere I go.

It means we have crows, pigeons, inland gulls, eagles, ospreys, owls, the small birds, etc......... geesh!

      I would say that humans, by far, are more powerful than an imaginary angles (or God for that matter).  This picture proved it so :

Image source: Wiki, Vacanti mouse


Recently on her Facebook page my granddaughter posted again about the angels with feathers. Her 30 something cousin came to her rescue by posting she believes this way also. Yes, they all know I don't believe it. She has posted dark feathers and white feathers. The dark feathers are those of the demons. I started wondering if she plucked that dark feather herself.

Next, she gets support from her grandma who claims to believe this way also.. Grandma says she doesn't believe me because my knowledge came from a beer can. Others have said "just let them believe what they want to believe."

I'm still wondering when the dead person gets their wings. How are these wings attached to the once alive human body? Why do only some angels have wings? What book does this nonsense come out of? For all the ones that believe this and call themselves Christian, the belief is not in the Bible. The fault in any of these stories is that others simply made them up.

Imagine that with this background so many build their lives around this stuff today. Frightening!

Anyone care to hand those feathers to an ornithologist, see what he can make of 'em?  Of course not.  These people already know what they want to believe.  The last thing they want is to spoil it all with facts...

Exactly. My granddaughter just keeps posting her nonsense and says "I don't know about you, Grandpa." I keep wondering if it's because it is posted in Facebook or some other reason that people want to believe this crap. She is gaining support and we know they all have their minds made up already. 

Somehow this all comes from a saying that finding feathers is a sign of angels and that they want to talk with you. OK, it's a saying. Where does it come from? Is there any reality to it?

What about Casper the Friendly Ghost?

Hell, Casper has been around so long, his sheet should be rags by now!

That's true but if spirits are immortal their clothing becomes that way to. It's strange how this all works. Even so, I saw Mary one time and she was a glowing orb of ashes about 4 foot off the floor. She acted surprised that I didn't recognize her.

I'd vote for just having god provide a small anti-gravity device with the Welcome to Your New Home package. You know; toothpaste, a comb, feather cleaner, . . .




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