Over a year ago my grandson was murdered. He seemed to think that gang banging was his lifestyle and it ended up causing his death. My family is still disturbed and in mourning over his loss.

   When this happens in a family you experience all types of strange happenings and odd religious belief. My daughter has even went to a psychic. She doesn't want to hear me when I say that I could have told her as much myself. Anything to believe that somehow this young man still exists somewhere. He is wanting to communicate, wanting to say he is OK. We all believe this in our own way. That's what creates religions to begin with.

   In the Bible we find passages that say angels have wings. In other places angels are not recognized so maybe the wings do not appear. In old religious paintings angels always have wings. Of course they do. How else would you know they are angels? You fly with wings and wings have feathers. Old pictures prove this, right?

   Soon my family members are talking about finding feathers and what it means. An angel was somewhere close by and wanted to let them know it. Maybe the angel wanted to communicate. Just like the fictional Slenderman this idea is picked up on by most and other people are even commenting on how this is so real. The Internet tells me that one person was killed in the name of Slenderman, so feathers and angels isn't so far fetched.

   My granddaughter is going through her second time of finding feathers. She posts on Facebook that her brother is close by and wants to talk with her. She feels this so badly and gets support for her posts.

   Her most recent post had a picture of the type of feather she keeps on finding. She is posting the actual feather and just knows that it was her brother. I couldn't resist this. I replied. I said "most normally you find them on birds."

   I haven't heard much since then.

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First, my sympathy to all your family. Young men often make bad choices, and sometimes it costs them too much.
Feathers. I find bird feathers in my back yard all the time, but I didn't even know your grandson. Maybe somebody up there got my address confused.
People believe what they think will help. We know better, but telling just does no good at all. If they want to believe your late grandson can fly, and they feel better, OK by me. Unless they start trying to force some absurd belief on me, I don't mind.
But I can't help feeling better dealing with reality, even when it's painful.
Again, my sympathy. I'd pray for you if I thought anybody was listening.

I think the problem is more them than me. The can't understand why I'm so stubborn and cruel. It's this type of stuff that got religion started in the first place.

My heart goes out to you. Clearly your granddaughter can't cope with her brother's death. Has the family considered counseling? I know magical thinking of this religious sort has often functioned as a crutch for grief, but the question arises as to the extent it interferes with her overall psychological functioning. If she functions well enough otherwise, and it doesn't seem to be a symptom of a larger problem, you could just let it be. It's sometimes better to let others we love have their differences, even when they seem irrational to us, as long as their lives are overall healthy and constructive. Not everyone can be rational at every stage of their lives, nor should we demand that. Sometimes it's best to let others learn on their own curve as long as we see no immanent danger.


I wholeheartedly agree with what you said.

Ruth, I wholeheartedly agree with you and there is nothing I can do for her and the others following her. She has been dope involved herself and was in prison twice. Now she is onto me for telling a girl this was nonsense when that girl supposedly smelled the scent of her dead husband when she saw the angel (bird)feathers. This is just insane.

Her grandma is my ex from many years ago and she piped in to say she had appearances of her dead husband and nobody can take them away. The man even spoke to her, she says. They were married 23 years. No hint of whether feathers were involved in any way.

They keep telling me the feathers and angels thing is just a saying, and I don't know because I was not there. My granddaughter says I have never had any experiences so I don't know. Surprise! I have had more experiences than all of them. The difference is that I know the truth. No angels, no feathers, no spirits. Just the human mind.

Actually I'm sorry to hear this. For years upon years all Christians have wanted to talk about is "the truth" that is until they actually get a dose of it.

Facebook isn't perfect. You can meet any idiot on there. Maybe even a special idiot. What I'm seeing now is a new special kind of Christian. They show the normal nonsense on their pages, talk of their trials and tribulations, tell you how Jesus has blessed them, and you find they get especially blessed when they find meth or cocaine. They might get so poor they have to steal or sell their stuff to get it. In desperation they promise you sexual favors if you buy it for them.

These people seem to fit right in with the angels and feathers group. It's like they are great buddies. Now imagine a child growing up with such people and what that child has as an image of reality. Maybe the cops are bad and you become a Jesus druggie.

This last bit of info came from a man I know who "dates" them and sometimes buys for them. It's a new form of prostitution for drugs. Do the druggies really believe it, or is it a coverup?




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