Nearly one in ten U.S. adults have impulsive anger issues and acces...

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 06:04 AM PDT

An estimated 9 percent of adults in the US have a history of impulsive, angry behavior and have access to guns, according to a new study. The study also found that an estimated 1.5 percent of adults report impulsive anger and carry firearms outside their homes.

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AS the old song goes, "It's a cold, cold world we live in, Master Jack."

I met a young man in the last month that told me he is scared to death leaving his house every day without a gun. I'm assuming he's carrying but didn't ask him because that gets into dangerous "show and tell." I don't carry.

During the Ferguson riots (or should I say in between them) my wife wanted to go up there for an all day hair appointment. I took her and we had no trouble at all. Why no trouble? We were not there to look for it. My religious friend does carry, and he told me he wouldn't have went up there without his gun.

Last Saturday I happened upon a state patrolman blocking the street I was on as he gave people in another car a ticket for something. He moved so I could go around but I told him I wanted to wait til he was done with them and ask him some questions. Lots of people being shot by cops these days, so here's how I handled that one. My driver's window was rolled down and both of my hands were visible on my steering wheel at all times. He answered my questions and we had a few grins. I didn't slouch, mumble, lean, hide my hands, reach in the glove box, or jump out and start running away.

Respect should be mutual for us all.

And on top of all that, you're white....

Race doesn't bother me. The one key to getting along with people of another race is to be yourself and do not try to put on or anything.

I treat people the same way as you do, but I meant the different treatment you get because of other people's racism or other prejudices.

My opinion is that whites have more racial prejudice than anyone. I also find it's mostly USA whites and they are so ignorant about it that they often cannot see when they are racial. It's funny. I guess they are just too ignorant to know!

I can live with crazy neighbours - more or less - I drew the line when a neighbour came after me with a 20 Cm. knife. But to live in a society where all the crazies have access to guns - no thanks!

I've looked down the barrels of shotguns in neighbourhood feuds and while being bashed so I didn't fight back, as well as having knives to my throat, and this is in Australia where owning guns without a licence is illegal and high powered assault rifles are also illegal to own.

So being in a country where guns exist in almost every house, is rather scary.

Hang on, where's my bazooka?


That's scary. Every kook in America owning a firearm.

God wants them to stick to their guns because Wayne LaPierre owns him/her/it. Just ask any congressperson.

Actually, mutilated body parts due to circumcision is serious. Not that I should turn every discussion toward circumcision and when the nazi's take over I will be one of the first people they will try to kill. When the nazi's break into my apartment building and come to my door, do you want me to be able to take care of myself and shoot my attackers so I can live for awhile longer or should I just let them shoot me or take me to a gas chamber or labor camp first? In addition when you are like me somebody can just yank off your clothes and then you are screwed, they say, oh, you are circumcised, you are not allowed to live anymore! Being circumcised is like having a big scar or sign on my body that says, hey everybody, I'm JEWISH! Come and get me!

Did you know that the police rarely stop crime, they mainly just investigate it after it already happens and they are not really leagally responsible for your personal safety needs?

Michael Pianko, your observations are painfully correct on all fronts, and that includes the police. I never want to be in a situation where I have to tell them that I still have my foreskin. Come to think of it, I knew a woman once who claimed her mutilated vagina was done by a drunk doctor and she was going to sue about it. My belief is that Sue could have done it. Doctor Sue. In either case I tried not to look.




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