I posted this elsewhere on the webs and thought to share it here as well. The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne decided to publish a brochure and devote a portion of their website to addressing the rise of atheism and providing their followers with some ammunition to fight off those crazy nonbelievers that have proven to be so bothersome.

Let me just say Hooray! that there is enough influence of the atheist community to make this organization take notice. Score.

Their website (below) made for an amusing read. I don't think they exactly get to put one in the win column, but they try to provide some answers (or show how to skirt the issue) for the following:

How can you believe in a God who allows evil and suffering?
Can you prove God exists?
Was the world created or did it evolve?
Doesn’t Christianity cause violence and wars?
Isn’t science the only reliable knowledge?
Didn’t Christianity endorse slavery?
Is the God of the Bible a monster?

Site: http://www.melbourne.anglican.com.au/faith/christianity-and-atheism...

Fifty points for naming all the logical fallacies employed.

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Yep, very amusing reading. Many of the answers are very light and even miss the whole point. It just goes to show that even the church hierarchy are clueless against scientific and logical arguments against their particular mythology.




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