Apparently my family thinks I have an anger problem.  Not with them, but when I watch the news or see Tim Tebow on t.v.. lol.  It's true.  I get really pissed and make comments about how nucking-futs the world is.  It's almost always over religion or really right-wing politics.  Maybe I should just quit watching the news.  It's just that there are SO MANY examples of religious morons praying to their wonderful 'god' after something awful happens to someone else.  I can't stand it!

I'll just keep it to myself and call them names in my head instead of letting my family see me get outraged all time.  I can't help it!

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Well said

Thanks for the insights.

I don't get angry often, but I do get upset (let things get to me, usually in a phsyiological way). However, today, I got angry. I lost my file I was working on THREE times... I was almost ready to flip a table, that third time. Just horrible luck and my fingers being clumsy near the touchpad. :( But, I took a breath and figured what I had to do... it worked out okay. Just would have been better if I didn't have to write things up four times. x.x

I can no longer watch television. I get my news online.

Now I scream at the computer.

"I you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!"  Guess I took this one a little literally.

OP gave people praying after awful things happen as an example of something causing feelings of anger... why is that bad? I read a story in the paper recently about a Christian charity using its funds to build churches in Haiti instead of homes and schools- encouraging prayer rather than doing good works that help people. This was a front page story, and portrayed as a wonderful thing. It made me furious... and I can't find a reason why it shouldn't have. News reports that show people thanking God instead of their human rescuers make me hopping mad too.

I think that sort of anger is entirely justified. I don't find myself getting mad at folks for prayer in general; I just roll my eyes at that. I only get angry about it when their inclination to talk to figments of their imagination has a negative effect on other peoples' lives. That anger does not fill me with the desire to go and do violence to the people who are praying; it makes me want to go and give them a piece of my mind and call them out on harming others with their delusions. Am I mistaken for believing that sort of anger to be rational and reasonable?

To shut off the news and just not pay attention is not a cure, it is avoidance of the problem... and the problem isn't anger. The problem is finding something to do with that anger. If something makes you angry then research it, analyze it, and decide whether your anger is justified or not. Recognize it for what it is and use it to fuel your desire to help make the world a better place... and the satisfaction of knowing that you're turning your anger into something productive will in turn transform that anger into happiness.

You might just discover that you aren't angry because you have anger issues, but because you care about an issue and have a legitimate reason to be angry about it. It sounds like that's the case- correct me if I'm wrong. Sometimes that anger bleeds over from the genuinely evil, malicious fundies to halfwits like Tebow. Recognize that fools like him aren't the ones that you should really be angry with, but rather the endless parade of politicians and preachers (and combinations thereof) that want to turn everyone *into* fools like him. Then start calling the real movers and shakers out on their bullshit and note how the peripheral idiocy starts to bother you less and less.

So many little things, especially with regards to religion, have gotten on my nerves for so many years... but now that I'm finally starting to actively do something about those feelings, suddenly they aren't eating away at me so much as energizing me. I'm happy that I'm angry, because I know what I'm going to do with it.

That's not to say therapy doesn't help... it really, really does. I resisted therapy for a long time, then tried it and loved it. I wish I had been able to keep it up. Having someone not in your normal social circle does absolute wonders for your ability to deal with personal issues. You're bouncing thoughts off of an objective sounding board and seeing if they stand or fall- you are peer reviewing your own mind. What could be more rational?

I used to be like that, booklover. I got to the point of isolating myself from the news, pop culture, people I used to talk to, etc. I did that for 5 years, but out of curiosity I bought a flatscreen and viewed free broadcast channels. I couldn't believe how the world had changed, and I was amazed by the crazy graphics that football games had. They showed field markers on the field that looked like it was painted on and all that, it was crazy. Don't do what I did, because you'll find yourself very alone, and feeling left out of the rest of the world, no matter how ignorant it seems. I've been moving forward and trying....I get like 3 or 4 texts a week on my phone, and perhaps one day I'll even get a friend on this site. 

In general, i get angry over the topic of praying. If god has a plan, are xtians asking him to alter his plan? "Please god, forget about the starving children for a moment, and help me throw a touchdown pass next quarter."

nah... seems the more pent up hatred is on the other side o da fence nowdays




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