some of the shows on the animal planet are weird does anyone else watch the animal planet and if so tell me some of the shows you've seen maybe ive seen them to

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I can't believe no one has jumped on this topic. Well, to hell with them. I love the animal planet.

Its been maybe two years since I saw this show, but it might have been one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It was a guy that wanted to be Steve Irwin, but he was a bug expert. I turned it on and he had found some little bug that he said was extremely deadly. Well, the little bug started running at a little bug speed and he started screaming for the cameraman to get out of the way. The cameraman stepped slowly to the side and let the bug go by him. The "Bug Hunter" or whatever he was called started chasing the bug and screaming. I think I might have peed myself a little I was laughing so hard. The cameraman moved so slowly, he had to have been mocking the guy.
thats funny i wish i could of seen that
Oh yeah,I remember that..Buggin' with Ruu I think it was..
I no longer have cable,but I enjoyed that show,also liked ER Vets, It's me Or The Dog and Meerkat Manor...
And yeah,I liked Buggin' way more than Croc Hunter which was just so repetitive..Every week same old thing,move big reptile from point A to point B...*yawn*.
You're great! I had almost convinced myself that I must have dreamed that show. I tell people about it all the time and they think I'm crazy. I wish I could find video from that show.
i loved watching those shows but my favorite one right now is i should have died i think thats the name of it nyway
I need to start watching Animal Planet again. I just have too much trouble getting away from Nat Geo, the Science Channel, History Channel, Discovery, and A&E when they have shows like "The World's Biggest Baby" or "The World's Fattest Man Gets Married."How I can not watch shows with titles like that?
No,no,I watched every episode...The searching for the biggest butterfly in the world was my favorite.
I was not pleased the series did not continue.
Here is your link:

I pretty much watch anything featuring cats. I missed "Buggin with Ruud"! Here's a video:
Buggin' with Ruud: Spiders
I preferred the shows on rodents,rabbits, endangered creatures,bats songbirds and unusual animals that no one ever hears about.
Oh, I watch all those too, but I'm cat besot.
i have 2 cats but im not all about cats
I saw this amazing show once, on animal planet or maybe Nat geo, called Goodmorning Earth i think. it was about these chinese or korean fishermen who stand on rafts and use ducks on a leash to catch fish. very weird but it was at sunrise and it was very beautiful and tranquil. i wish i could see it again.




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