some of the shows on the animal planet are weird does anyone else watch the animal planet and if so tell me some of the shows you've seen maybe ive seen them to

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They sell DVDs of the Good Morning Earth series on their website.
Almost everybody does reality shows now cause they are a lot cheaper to do than sending someone out to document the life history of a family of flying squirrels. (Which I'd love to see.)
I'm glad they got over their reptile obsession..I got so sick of reptile shows I stopped watching it for several years.
No longer have cable and do miss ER Vets,Meerkat Manor and the sometimes BBC docs.'
Can't watch their shows on line cause they only allow Mac and Windows users to see their OL programs.
A.P. is ok but they dont have enough shows dealing with the only animals that can watch there programing and they never have much on evolution on there but i guess to answer your question the one show they had about the hippos i think it was called king of the river that was pretty bad ass when that hippo was eating meat. i never pictured hippos liking steak but guess you learn something everyday
Yeah, who knew hippos were ass-kickers? I thought they only dined on little white balls.
lol you had me for like a spilt second then i guess my childhood memory kicked in hungery hungery hippos was a great game 2



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