Ann Coulter Sees Heaven: Christians Only, No Jews: Disgusting Spectacle Showing Up Religious Fanaticism for What it Is

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Here is my  recommendation for dealing with Annie.  Whenever we see anything about her we should hold her accountable for her actual beliefs.  Annie truly believes that:

a Jewish Zombie who is his own father can  make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and drink his blood while telepathically telling him that you accept him as your master so that he can remove an evil force from your soul which is present in humanity because a woman made out of one rib bone and a mound of dirt was tricked into eating fruit from a magical tree by a talking snake

She is so totally convinced  of this that she gladly hands over the full control of her life and death to this deity and its church even though it is based on the flimsiest evidence possible (none at all) and the most contradictory logic ever (Christian double-talk).  What Annie and her religious friends really want is for everyone to be the servants, slaves, funders and protectors of her religion.  Otherwise they go to hell.  Sound familiar like Mafia talk?

booklover, some people really bring out the violence in many of us, I suspect. I am on the verge now of not watching any more news or comment TV. Mostly it is one side or the other bla bla bla-ing their p.o.v., and then the other side bla bla blas their p.o.v. and I am sick of screaming at my TV set.

is this a new video?  if not how have i not seen this before?  oh.  my.  zeus.  now that i think about it she looks a little bit like a female Hitler.  

i loved this quote:  "we're just perfecting" them.  maybe she has a final solution for how to accomplish her goal.  

so i see this was from 2007.  how has anyone allowed her on their air since this?  now i'm mad at Bill Maher.  

I think it was 2008 but I won't argue the point. Yes, it is a few years old. Surely you don't think she's changed?

I think of Coulter as a clown who has to do and say the most outrageous things that come to mind in order to garner attention and $$$ via books, interviews, and speaking.  I think lately she's been eclipsed by other clowns with similar mode of action.  She's a lot like Colbert, except with him, we know he's a parody, but with her, we expect she is real.  The arrogance, narcissism, bigotry, and superficiality are all there.  I wonder if conservatives have grown tired of her and moved on.  Or maybe she's on a break until the next big election.

The part that alarmed me was her statement she'd done speaking engagements at megachurches, which only goes to show that fundamentalist Christeranity and crypto-fascist political philosophy go hand and hand. She's part of the theocratic movement and probably a Dominionist. Nuts.

Yes! a Dominionist of the worst kind. 

I loathe that woman.

I wonder what her views are with Muslims.

No self-respecting Muslim would fail to slit her throat if introduced to her. She hates them, in fact refers to them as "swarthy," an insult in Islam. She insults them in every book and on every TV appearance. I suspect the next time we have a prisoner swap, we trade Coulter to the jihadists; torturing her would be so much more satisfying than getting back five old guys who forgot how to hold an AK-47.

Dude, I freaking HATE Ann Coulter, but you should not say such things-you sound like a fundie. 

THEY are the disgusting trash that like to "kill off" anyone who doesn't subscribe to their shit. WE don't want to be anything like that-or, at least, I don't. 



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