Huffington Post:   Ann Coulter To Headline 'Homocon' Event For Gay Conservatives

Conservative pundit and unlikely gay ally Ann Coulter is set to headline the first annual Homocon, "a party to celebrate gay conservatives" put on by GOProud, the "only national organization representing gay conservatives." The festivities are scheduled to take place in New York City on September 25.

The event is put on by a group called GOProud, which "represents gay conservatives and their allies."

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From the article:

"In choosing Coulter, the organizers of GOProud appear willing to ignore her past transgressions against the gay community. The conservative pundit was condemned by gay-rights groups in 2007 when she notoriously called then-Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a "faggot."

"And earlier this year, Coulter railed against "irritating lesbian" Constance McMillen for challenging the sanctimony of heterosexual-only proms.

"But Coulter's selection probably won't be surprising to many gay rights groups who have pointed out that GOProud sometimes exhibits self-destructive behavior. Earlier this year, the gay conservative group planned a fundraiser with Doug Manchester, a California businessman and hotelier who donated $125,000 to anti-gay marriage Proposition 8."

That really says it all for the gay Republican crowd - they are in such deep denial about who is responsible for anti-gay legislation and why, that they kinda remind me of the Jewish rabbis who cooperated with the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto. Seems to me that there's a whole lot of compartmentalizin' goin' on here. Don't they understand what some of the more radical elements of the Republican Party want to actually *do* to them?
How stupid do you have to be to think that Republicans will ever be on your side, especially as a homosexual. I just don't understand this...and even after rallying for Prop. 8 and allying with Coulter, these people are just gonna go on thinking the Reps are on their side?

"What use could a gay Republican group even have?" I ask myself, "Do they just get together and rally against themselves?" Apparently, yes. That's exactly what they do...

This shit blows my mind.
Ughh.... Why Ann Coulter of all people?! These guys are just making fools of themselves. "Gay Republican" is an oxymoron; the party is blatantly against giving them equal rights. Bringing one of the biggest conservative bullies to this convention is just plain silly.
George, thank you for posting this article. It made me do a double take - it's like it was in The Onion!

""I can promise you, Homocon 2010 will be a hell of a lot more fun than chaining yourself to the White House fence," Baron pledged,"

Homocon is not "only national organization representing gay conservatives.". Log Cabin Republicans comes to mind.

I suppose it could be argued that getting Anne Coulter to appear at a group that explicitely supports LGBT rights, even conservative, might have some value - undermining her value to "family values" nazis. It may decrease the power of antigay bigotry, a little.

Taking a Devil's advocate point of view, if the darling of the right appears at a pro-gay function, when the right has been notoriously antigay, there is some value to be gained. It also takes away from "LGBT rights are a leftist agenda" and makes it more "LGBT rights are a human rights agenda".

(please don't hate me. I am not right wing and haven't voted republican in my life, and I supported Obama even though he was a weenie and threw us under the bus).
Ugh. To me Gay Republican is synonymous with Black KKK member. It just don't make no sense! Ann Coulter is just a publicity whore. The whole thing is icky.
Somewhere I had heard that GOProud is just an astroturf group run covertly by the Republican National Committee, trying to turn the GOP's anti-gay sow's ear into a queer-loving silk purse. And to call itself the ONLY national Republican organization for gays is quite a bit of a stretch - I guess the RNC doesn't recognize the Log Cabin crowd as being legitimate. Maybe that ought to tell the Log Cabiners something.
Homocon is going to be our annual effort to counter the 'no fun police' on the left

Hmm, so republicans know how to have fun? This is going to be a fun party? Does that include guys picking each other up? Must be a sadomasochistic thing, being a gay republican.
First they'll meet an an airport men's room. Then head to a motel room for crystal meth and a massage. They might need to email dirty pictures to one another first.
Well, everybody knows it's more fun if it's forbidden and you have the risk of getting caught!
Ms. Coulter is now being demonized by the right. She was dropped from a conservative conference due to involvement in Homocon.

Fuck, Ann Coulter is now a victim of homophobia? How sweet is that! Damn!
That IS gold. And her reaction: can you be any more noncommittal? Calling people faggots, then speaking at a gay convention, then saying she doesn't really agree with them and other places she speaks at...well I'm sure it doesn't matter whether she agrees or not, as long as she gets paid.
" At what point does a democracy fail because an ever increasing number of its citizens are irresponsible, lazy and willfully ignorant idiots? 2012?"

Mmm... Perhaps that point was passed some time back. A sad reflection on ... well, just about everything in America. The problem in America is the myths instilled in its gullible citizens such as:

* greed is good and everyone can succeed at it if they try hard enough

* the 'free' market is the only 'real' and acceptable economic paradigm and it should not be constrained even to the slightest extent by regulation

*Make believe and utopian dreams are more important than reality as perceived by our senses and intellects: If you just believe in this religious bullshit (including the shit about 'out groups') we will all succeed and we'll create Nirvana here on earth and then we'll spread the dream across the world...

Gays are no less prone to this sort of nonsense than your ordinary heterosexuals. What sickens me is listening to gays whinging to be let into the churches or starting their own when they sould long ago have realised that the whole religious paradigm is fucked. They love this Coulter creature because they think she represents a way into something which any gay with any sense would have given up wanting to get into long ago.

When will they eeeeever learn?



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