Almost a couple of years after we learned that Anne Rice left Christianity, here are a couple of update interviews where she talks about how she feels about organized religion and her reasons for leaving Christianity.

In her original coming out statement, she declared:

Today I quit being a Christian.  I'm out ... in the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay.  I refuse to be anti-feminist.  I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control.  I refuse to be anti-democrat.  I refuse to be anti-secular humanism.   I refuse to be anti-science.  I refuse to be anti-life.  In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being a Christian, Amen.

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"Probably not too far off the mark!"

It's funny (funny "ha ha", as well as the "hmmmm…" kinda' funny), I've always thought that Python's "Life of Brian" was the most believable of all the Jesus films.

I am for Life of Brian!

"I also kinda like Jesus, he was a hippie, anti-consumerism"

Should anyone who bothers to think for themselves really give a rotten damn what Anne Rice thinks?

Well, for one, she was a delightful writer to read until she got into the mysticisms. I am not a fan of mysticism. 

[shrug] All I've read of hers are Exit to Eden and the first of the Beauty books - both of them wastes of paper.  Her idea of BDSM is both irresponsible and not remotely representative of the scene community - UN-safe, IN-sane and in no way, shape or form consensual.

Back when I was in a state of religious delusion, I went on an Anne Rice jag.  All of her supernatural, vampire and witchcraft-themed novels, that is.  They were all full of sex, which wasn't so bad, just that the sex was the only memorable thing about them.  Glad I don't care about reading that shit anymore (the supernatural stuff, that is.  Sex is still fun to read about).

"Sex is still fun to read about"

As long as it's someone else's.

Oh sex - I like that!

I didn't know that Anne had left Christianity and I was surprised when she announced that she was a Christian. Her statement is clear as to why she left and many of us share her opinions and have made the same decision.

Now that we have denounced religion as a way of life, we can speak our own truth, listen to others and explore together the ways we can live with full appreciation of our full humanity. Living without religion is not a lack of anything and I can't make the statement so many make. I am an atheist and I lack nothing because of it. there some profit-making notoriety in there somewhere, I wonder?  I note that she didn't say she doesn't believe in God, just that she doesn't like organized religion.

Oh! She gets the non-believing-believers and the non-believing-non-believers.  Good strategy



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