Almost a couple of years after we learned that Anne Rice left Christianity, here are a couple of update interviews where she talks about how she feels about organized religion and her reasons for leaving Christianity.

In her original coming out statement, she declared:

Today I quit being a Christian.  I'm out ... in the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay.  I refuse to be anti-feminist.  I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control.  I refuse to be anti-democrat.  I refuse to be anti-secular humanism.   I refuse to be anti-science.  I refuse to be anti-life.  In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being a Christian, Amen.

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Let's not let this become "auto"erotic. We all know where religious fervor can lead.

Let's not let this become "auto"erotic. We all know where religious fervor can lead.

We sure do - SEX IN THE BACK SEAT!

Oh! you are so clever! The wrench, racing flags, and all for Larry! 

When my car died the other day, I was sad. Larry didn't fix the car, so I had to call one of his disciples, Denny.

Soon my PT Cruiser will rise from the dead, with a new engine, brakes, CV joint, struts and an idler arm, epic resurrection!!!!

See, had I stuck to Larry's 10 Commandments (AKA 10-point maintenance plan), Especially #8:

  • Thou shalt change thy serpentine belt before 100,000 miles.

…I would not be stuck with this piece o' shit rental Ford Probe.

How do you know Denny is a true Disciple of Larry?  There are those who are not true to the faith.  You should test him.

Denny's cool, he's a Fundamentalist Chrys-Larrian.

He *only* works on PT Cruisers.

Besides, I found him on Craig's List last year and bought a rim off him, …so I know where he lives...

OK.  I never argue with a man of faith.

Richard and Ruth! I Did it!

Praise Larry!

Uh oh, …this could get meme-ish...

"Let's not let this become "auto"erotic. We all know where religious fervor can lead."

Ahhh… now we bring it back to Anne Rice.

Whew!  Back on topic!


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