Just wanted to say hello and announce my existence. :D I'm a 21-year old atheist from the largest Christian nation in Southeast Asia. You guessed it right, Philippines.

I've been reading and replying to some forum topics. A few hours into joining and I'm learning fresh ideas. Hope to learn more from all of you.

Kudos to all!~ :)

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Welcome to you and your paper cranes, Najo.
Thanks. :)

Unfortunately, the cranes flew away. It's me and my chips now. :D
lol. You have updated your profile photo several times in the past 30 minutes. I like the jokes you add in text. The Najo comics will become a popular feature of Atheist Nexus, I predict.
Haha! XD I just couldn't find the right photo, I think I'll stick to this one for now. XD Thanks. :)
We are very fortunate to have you here in the Nexus. Your point of view coming from the P.I. really can help the world wide spread of what i think is a growing movement toward a second enlightenment.


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