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The U.S. of A., murdering littler, browner people since 1789 and before that in our unincorporated states. Kill 'em; extract their resources; exploit their labor--USA!  USA!
So true, it's amazing how blind people are, even more amusing is that my parents are reading the book 'willful blindness,' to bad they won't realize their own insanity - there was an instance in the book talking about radiologists and how their profession actually causes the disease they are trying to kill... I wanted to say, 'yo this is exactly how I feel about you...' you care so much about truth and justice, yet your life's work has been to attack these values... OMFGods... just frack ... I 'see' so much bullshit/irony/hypocrisy wherever I turn my attention that I feel like I'm fracking drowning in the stuff.
Jesus doesn't tell me to kill people, my Sgt (SSG,SFC,MSG, or 1SG) do. Though he may be telling them to tell me. But honestly trigger pulling is my decision in the end. The US Armed Forces are all volunteer. If you are serving and have a problem with something talk with your command. If it is unethical to do what they ask you or violates some law set them on fire and watch them burn.
Know your rights, know the regulations, know the ROE and make your fellow soldiers adhere to them.

Jesus doesn't really tell anyone to kill people because he is a fictional character~ but he sure gives the Chaplains the confidence that they are doing right, and maybe those bible verses on the scopes of the rifles (and that urge to hand out bibles like we were doing earlier) might have something to do with it too.


Really though, yeah, I don't think many people in theatre are 'killing in the name of christ,' but to consider the influence of religion totally absent from the conflict might be going too far.  This is not an attempt on my end to demonize soldiers (USAR Serviceman here) but to post some funnier pictures of jesus being annoying or evil, something for a chuckle.  


I once cleared out all the pocket New Testaments from the Chaplains office and shredded them for recycling purposes. Was good times. Sorry I misconstrued your post. Carry on!


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