anomie personality disorder

noun, Sociology.

1. a state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values, as in the case of uprooted people.

~ anomic. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved December 10, 2016 from website


1.(sociol) lack of social or moral standards in an individual or society.

~ anomic. (n.d.). Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. Retrieved December 10, 2016 from website

anomie in Medicine

anomic a·no·mic (ə-nŏm'ĭk, ə-nō'mĭk) 


Socially unstable, alienated, and disorganized. n. 

A socially unstable, alienated person.

~ anomic. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Science Dictionary. Retrieved December 10, 2016 from website

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This happens when tyranny destroys the hope of a nation's people.

A newspaper article about a West African nation ruled by a corrupt tyrant told of how people, driven from their homes by the ruler's gangsters, abandoned even their own children.

In America more than in other developed nations, drug addiction similarly affects those who lose hope for themselves.

It's due, I believe, to America's predatory capitalism and the resulting sociopathy we see each day in such as Donald Trump.

I have had some nightmares about authoritarianism recently, the kind of nightmares I had when I was married to an abuser. I intend to focus on activism and not on victimization. The way out for me, and for many women and people of color is to take action to educate others about the price women and children pay when the husband/father abuses. I know men and children experience abuse, emotionally and physically from their wives/mothers, but I don't write about that; the men need to take on that challenge. 

My older sister, after she left Her husband, helped set up a shelter in Florida for women and children.

Our authoritarian dad had verbally abused her and she had noisily defended herself, but the pattern stuck and she married a man who seemed nice for a while but became verbally abusive.

I found and grew my power in politics, and knew I had recovered when, at 45, realized I no longer needed to beat up an ailing 70 year old dad.

Your sister reacted as so many women do when faced with a personal challenge, they take on the tasks necessary to solve some of the problems, whether it be educating the public about the problem, working on legislation to write protective laws, and helping set up a shelter for women and children. Your sister is one of the fine group of people who work to bring sense out of nonsense of family violence. 

You did a remarkable thing, Tom, finding a way to give an outlet to the energy that rose in you as you developed into adulthood.  You also help us understand the political process and ways we can be more effective as citizens. I feel grateful for your participation in Atheist Nexus. Thanks, dear friend. 




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