Anonymous plans counter-attack on proposed Westboro picket in Connecticut

Anonymous, that lovable-cuddly techno-anarchy group, decided to counter-attack on Westboro’s announcement that they will take their odious pickets to Newtown, Conn. to add their voice of protest and God’s divine wrath to the grief-stricken city in the wake of the Sandy Hook school murders.


Westboro Baptist Church often announces that it will protest an event or gathering, then does not show up. It is much more cost-effective to use their communications clout to get airtime on the news with the threat of showing up. It also causes those who would oppose them to have to spend money, time, and materiel to oppose them, whether they show or not.


Anonymous knows this. So their counter attack is simpler, and may be more effective (though not quite lawful).


They published the E-mail addresses, physical addresses, and everything else they could find about every member of the church, the church’s doings, the church’s Web domains and registrations (necessary to launch a denial-of-service attack) to the Web, here. (Link to the Anonymous site, along with an article about the proposed picket provided by the God Discussion blog here – that blog about reprobates in religious clothing and their heinous doings.)


Anonymous is famous for overwhelming computer servers, fax machines, and even the telephones of people they find in their crosshairs. Now it is Westboro Baptist Church.


And Westboro Baptist is yet another reason you should sign my petition. – James.

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If only we could send real viruses via the internet.  Ebola would be too good for those vampires.

As it is, I almost think let them go.  As if anyone could stop them.  They are asking for a reaction that they would deserve.  I am not proposing anything, but no one on here is stupid, and we all know the potential.  They are rubbing salt and acid into a very raw wound.  They have no heart and no conscience.  No empathy.  They deserve whatever happens to them.

I can't get in either... just spins and spins.  Cool!

Couldn't have happened to a bigger bunch of assholes ... and no, I have NO intention of apologizing for that comment.

No need to apologize, Loren, you are spot-on.

And over twice as many fertilized eggs, fetuses and embryos are miscarried for multiple reasons.  If the god of the WBC cares about the abortions, he should care at least as much for those which, at least theoretically, he could protect from miscarriage, and yet he does NOT.

Explain THAT one to me.

Oh, and the site may be back up, but it's taking FOREVER to read up.  I hope Anonymous doesn't let up on those assholes.

There are times that free speech rights definitely stink, though, and as despicable as WBC is, Anonymous feels it has the right to deny them their free speech.

Or maybe Anonymous is just so interested in what WBC has to say, they can't log in fast enough and are overloading its servers.

They are clearly sick people.

That is an insult to all sick people, to lump them in with WBC, Steph. :)




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