Greetings from beautiful dynamic Charlotte, NC. Ok, Charlotte's so-so and I'm not actually IN it, but close enough.

I was raised funny-mentalist (church of gawd, what a pretentious name) and I love parenthesis. Escaped at 18 and never looked back. I flirted with Buddhism and Zen, but never understood the sound of one hand clapping.

I've been diabetic most of my 52 years and had a major heart attack 5 or so years ago. Had lots of time to think, and that led to the epiphany that the only scenario that made sense was no deity.

Now I'm a happy atheist, unless I'm being preached at. I was a regular contributor to another "ex-christian" site but they have a very liberal policy that encourages xians to post and really, I'm tired of arguing with brick walls with crosses and The Truth.

 I like to think of myself as humorous (your actual mileage may vary) and sarcasm and cynicism are my clostest friends.I'm also a big fan of Occam's Razor; this is likely the longest post I'll write.

 I'm getting used to the site and look forward to many interesting conversations.


'Til Then



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Hello right back at you from northwestern nc (practically in VA)
Hi Larry, I'm Eric. Nice to meet you. I didn't grow up far from you--Spartanburg, SC. Welcome to the A/N!




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