Ok. So do you remember this Carrie Prejean, Miss California who told Perez Hilton she did not favor gay marriage? Well it seems Miss Prejean got alot of time on her hands.

It seems that MIss Xtian made alot of sex tapes. The funny thing is that these sex tapes show her Jilling Off. Thats a term for when girls take matters into there own hands. This will make it easy to remember...guys are jacking off...girls are jilling off.Could she not find a co-star, or is she so narsisitic that she can only get off alone?

Doesnt she know that baby Jesus cries everytime she buffs her clam?

So its OK for her to make a solo sex tape at the age of 17, but its not OK for consenting gay adults to get married. This crazy Xtian made kiddie porn according to California pornography laws. Maybe her church will make these tapes a prize on bingo night.

I think she needs another cup of that Jimmy Jones grape Kool-aid.

Why is it OK for her to tickle her taco and gay couples not to marry? I mean if she is litterally fucking herself...does that not make her a lesbian?

This all goes back to the great montra of Christianity..." DO AS I SAY...NOT AS I DO"!!

It really looks like your commentment to God is as false as the tits on your chest!

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"So its OK for her to make a solo sex tape at the age of 17, but its not OK for consenting gay adults to get married."

Non sequitor of the kind;"they put a man on the moon but can't cure the common cold". One thing is unrelated to the other.

Masturbation is a natural activity engaged in by almost all males at some stage ,and a large proportion of females. It is not related to sexual preference nor [necessarily] to narcissism.

"Stupidity and ignorance are irritating but are not crimes.Neither is willful ignorance,but it should be" (Tarquin St John Shagnasty)
Yeh, but I think you have missed the critical question:

"Can you post a link to the videos?"
Yeah, I can give you a hundred. Can you specify what kind of malware you're actually after ?
buffs her clam?

Ahh that made me laugh!




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