This time it occured near St. Augustine, Florida. The Coalition of Reason folks speculate it was pulled down by someone with a truck.


I speculate it was pulled down by someone with a pickup truck that had a gunrack and a "Honk if you love Jesus" bumper sticker. (More here)




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Ya the one in san diego wasn't up long but it wasn't vandalized. Its a shame.
I don't know who is angry enough to bother knocking it down. Although I have the same saying on my car, so that makes me nervous. Well atheist billboards have been vandalized, but so have religious and other billboards.
I agree, and I think it's terrible because it makes it harder to mock Xians. And that makes me sad.

Of course, it never feels good to feel like your beliefs put you in danger.
And they, (some of them), gripe about militant atheists. The irony meter just bust.
I often consider going around changing the church signs that plague me every time I leave the house and go in any direction. But, of course, I would never really do that.... ..... ........
Personally I can't stand the billboards that get in the way of me seeing the billboards behind them. Which is pretty much all of them.
How could anyone find the phrase "Don't believe in God? You Are Not Alone" offensive? What's so offensive about it? That it acknowledges atheists exist? That it acknowledges the possibility that the existence of God can be doubted? if a Christian vandalized this sign, it only shows how insecure their faith really is. I just hope they know that they're only giving atheists more publicity by doing this.
Oh my. My home state this happens. It is tough to put up signs in the bible belt and we are supposed to be the evil ones by there standards.
Why are we not surprised?




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