Hello and Happy newyear everyone :)


Glad I finally joined, been putting it off too long.

Been hanging out mostly at the Amazon forums, but hate the bloody trolls!!


I cant really remember any time in my life when I REALLY believed in God, gods,

angles, ghosts, or any thing else supernatural but my parents were christian.

They were not really strick, but if I ever said anything dissrespectful of "The Lord"

I would get knocked accross the room for sure!


I was always taught to say my prayers and accept Jesus as our "saviour" and an eternity of hell fire awaited those who rejected him.


I remember asking my Mom questions about the bible stories (none of them made any

sence to me even then).

Questions like, how did Noah fit every single animal on earth on one ark and what would have happened if one of the pair died!!??

I was always given the same answer (which was no answer at all); "we are not to question the Lord, all things will be revieled to us when we get to heaven!!


Poor Mom, what a dopy thing to say!!LOL!


By the time I reached my teens, I had a great interest in science, esp. astronomy and cosmology. Just looking up into the night sky filled me with wonder and I wrote to NASA (no computers back then) for info, which they were happy to send me, tons

of material.


After high school, I was not interested in getting a college degree (it just was not as important back then as it is now) but I enjoyed taking classes in chemistry, math (to understand the chemistry) and biology. I was then, and still am, a science nerd!


Later, I landed a job in a chemistry research lab doing classical bench chemistry.

I kept taking courses, seminars, etc. and became an anaylitical chemist.


Did that for almost 30 years until the lab closed in 2004 and I chose a different career path; engeneering.

So, that is what I do now:)


I love movies, esp 1950's horror and sci-fi, but also "art" films.


My favorite filmmakers are Antonioni, Kubrick, Bresson and Carl Dryer.


In the past, I felt that religion was a harmless belief that some folks need for comfort and was always respectful of them, never challenging or being at all criticle.


But, when I saw right wing fundies organize into powerful politicle groups and try to force the laws of our country to satisfy their interpratation of the bible (and how we ALL must live), I said; enough is enough. Time to take a stand.


Openly attacking scientists as "evil", trying to ban the teaching of evolution, or imposing Intellegent Design as the moral and true subsitute, attacking gay rights, abortion and vital scientific research (such as stem cell work).

Plus, 8 years of George Bush! I felt like I have had enough and people need to wake up before these morons throw our politics and our society back into the Bronze-age.


So, here I am, an "out of the closet" and outspoken atheist :)


The days of "hands off religion" are OVER!!

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Welcome to Atheist Nexus, Stanley!



Thank you Scott :)


I like the way everyone (almost everyone) here uses their real name, with a picture.

It's much more personal and honest.

Here, here!  Excellent opening statements, and I completely agree, except on how you say your parents were not strict.  My mom is a faithful Christian but I was never threatened with hellfire or told not to question, though it probably had something to do with my dad being a closet atheist.

I'm glad you talk about being outspoken, because I am so tired of being told to keep my beliefs to myself.  I mean, I don't start every conversation with THERE IS NO GOD!!!!  But, if religion comes up naturally I will be completely open and honest with people, and while I try not to flat out tell them they're wrong, I will engage in argument if others are willing.  

Freedom of speech applies to everyone, and if you ask me, the religious have had a free ride with their preaching and proselytizing.  Let's let em have it when we can!


I agree, I tend to keep my mouth shut unless someone asks, and my friends all know where

I stand.

Problem I have found, well, not really a problem, just an annoyance, is that when I tell folks

that I am atheist, they seem to expect a string of scientific, intellectual anti theist proofs

from me. Esp. if someone whispers "Oh, he's a "scientist"! LOL


I hate having to feel like I have to have my lines memorized ;)

Sometimes, I am just not in the mood to "enlighten" them :)

Thank you Roland for the kind words :)





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