I was reading through news and I came across an article about black coats in gray wolves and how they are becoming more prevalent in North America . Through studies they found that the darker coat doesn't improve camouflage as a predator or as prey. But further prodding revealed that the protein that causes the black coat is the same that helps prevent inflammation and infection in humans. I'll allow you to put 2 and 2 together but this is lovely evidence for evolution, speciation, and natural selection.


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Interesting. There are so many examples like that. Evolution is a fact, the fact of genetic change over time. Creationists always say that's microevolution, and there is no macroevolution or speciation. They of course don't understand or deny that the concept of species is a human one, sometimes imperfectly applied to the reality of the spectrum of animals.
I read this as well,good find.


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