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I often visit where I can read and view the work product of numerous holders of advanced degrees in physics and other branches of science (none of whom say they are “theoretical physicists”, an oxymoron.)”

I recently found where visitors see “Welcome to The Suspicious0bservers, an online research community investigating solar activity, earthquakes, astrophysics and weather. Today’s earth & sun report is below, along with a number of valuable video resources. Over 300 hours of content are available when you become a member. Eyes open, no fear.”

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Curious? Doubtful?

Theists claim to have evidence for their beliefs. They also have publications in which they communicate their claims.

We atheists doubt their claims. Are our doubts valid?

Go to and in the Site Highlights menu at the right click on Beginners Guide.

You will see a five-item menu, the first one to a glossary of four terms. The other menu items will take you to short Youtube clips and short discussions.

Welcome to the major leagues.

not the electric universe bullshit again.

totally debunked conspiracy theory.

"Ben Davidson" – Founder/Director, 2015-Current chemtrails agenda21 260k followers

so, you & your cult can fuck right off

Science relies on laboratory evidence, Galen, not invective.

Reply Two:

Galen, you do spoofs well.

So did whoever wrote the article at Rationalwiki. ‘Twas fun to visit the References.

Now now Galen. Let them have their fun. The same people pointed and laughed at Newton and Einstein. I find arguing with a thunderbolt has the same effect as arguing with a priest that God is fake. Let the cards fall and then the winner can point and laugh. We are civilized after all. If you wanna chat, I'm in my basement watching neutrinos slam into a jar of water. ;)

Et tu, Wayne?

It's all lies, everybody knows the moon is made of cheese and the universe sits on a giant turtle!




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