Another Sickening "If not for God's Grace" Moment, Amid Heartbreaking Tragedy

It never fails. Natural disaster. Death and destruction everywhere. And then some idiot pipes up: "If not for God's grace ..."

The latest idiocy comes courtesy of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, standing amid the destruction of the recent tornado in which 10 people, including two children and a 3-month old baby, lay dead in the street:

""By God's grace [the tornado] did not go into the most central part of the city, the most populous ..."

Yes, I'm sure that's a great comfort to the families of the dead, especially the families of the dead children. God saved others from the destruction because of his "grace", but curiously decided that their loved ones weren't worth the trouble.

The idiocy of believers never ceases to amaze me, nor does their constant and curious habit of making their creator-god look like a capricious prick.

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Holy crap. They never think do they? Not once.

By their own definition "god" created that tornado.
And then they're saying the grace of "god" prevented it from killing even more people. As if their "god" just happened to notice a rogue tornado he didn't expect.

If their beliefs in god had an ounce of rationality to it, the consensus would be "Thanks for not killing even more innocent people god, but f*** you for creating that f***ing thing in the first place."
I wouldn't put it past these idiots to thank a serial killer for only killing 20% of the town.

Their lunacy never ceases to amaze me.

It's a damned natural disaster that occurs as a result of pressure systems, temperatures and humidity. They aren't guided by any god, they're guided by pressure system borders, currents, land formations, thermals, etc.
Its Mississippi, what do you expect?
"And what do we say whenever this happens? It's good that God did that horrible thing."
Ahh, the arrogance of the self-appointed "elect".




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