Another Ultrasound Bill - this time in my home state (PA)


the sponsors of this bill are named Todd, Rob, and Dan.  Todd was kind enough to state that women won't be forced to watch the ultrasound.  well, isn't that nice.  i'm glad they won't be propping up women's eyelids with toothpicks while sticking her face in the computer screen.  i guess that would be too Clockwork Orange of them. 


you'd think that these states would learn.  take a look at what happened in Virginia.  women freak out over these issues, as they should.  yet here we go again, with GOP lawmakers seizing their opportunity to power grab over their female constituents.  Todd thinks this is just common sense.  well, if that's the case then i'm sure that the woman and her doctor will figure things out on their own.  there's no need to legislate this. 


and if these bills are really no big deal, as many claim them to be, then why are they bothering in the first place?  what's the agenda? 


"It's really just to help women make a good and informed decision, and if they seek an abortion afterward, that is absolutely their right and ability to do so,"


i'm sorry, but what information are they providing?  maybe it's for women who have multiple abortions so they can start a scrap book. 


what this bill, and all of these types of bills for that matter, is doing is to shame and guilt women into carrying their baby to term.  there is no other agenda.  this isn't about providing information, it's about making an already difficult process that much more difficult.  please, for the love of your God, leave these women alone!

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Texas passed the Ultrasound bill unfortunately.

it hasn't passed yet.  it still has to make it through the House.  which i'm sure it will. 


a couple of real doozies in your linked article:


  • Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who had put the legislation on a fast track by declaring it an emergency priority, commended the bill's advancement.

  • "This is God's time to pass this bill," said the measure's author, Sen. Dan Patrick, a Houston Republican.


emergency priority??????  i guess he's conceding the fact of war on vaginas.  i mean, if it's an emergency this must be war, right?


God's time?  if he thinks so, i'd like to hear him say it.  you shouldn't be speaking for God (blasphemy?).  he's a big boy (the biggest i suppose) and i think he can speak for himself.  what's that?  he can't speak directly to all of us?  just a few of you?  oh, that's slick of him.  sounds like a fucking wussy if you ask me. 

I agree with you that these bills are heinous.  I do want to take you to task, a little, for the first line - it sounds like support for invasive anti-abortion bills are all-male.  In the article, it states "introduced by Rep. Kathy Rapp, R-Warren.", and there are many, many women who are highly active in the anti-abortion movement.  It may indeed be a way to control women's lives and bodies, and it may be mostly men doing it, but there are also highly influential, well known women involved in this and other christianization efforts as well.  The recent Komen-foundation, anti-planned parenthood debacle is an example - highly influential women who are fighting against women's rights even while ostensibly promoting women's health.

i get that.  and i'm aware that the sponsor of the VA personhood bill is a woman as well.  i think that's the strategy though.  find one woman will will support it, get her to introduce the legislation, and let the men do the heavy lifting.   but b/c it wasn't introduced by a man it helps to curb public criticism. 

a petition is going around, with nearly 10,000 signatures already.  linked below:

add Illinois to the list.  most troubling is that in Illinois, the Ultrasound Bill was promoted by the state's Agricultural Committee.  chattle, indeed. 

The petition is now almost to 20,000 (their goal).

I too am from PA, and I am thoroughly ashamed that this bill would even be proposed in our state. The comment that I left on the petition site is that even though the proposers of the bill say that the trans-vaginal ultrasound will not be a requirement (could also be trans-abdominal), the stipulation that a reasonably clear image (my wording) be presented to the doctor performing the abortion will undoubtedly make the trans-vaginal ultrasound almost mandatory. For women who don't want the trans-vaginal ultrasound, what they must ultimately submit to is a form of institutional rape, or they won't be able to get an abortion.

Women are already well aware of what the end result of the abortion process is. They don't need "big brother" trying to coerce them through feelings of guilt or shame. This ultrasound process is just another unneeded "hoop" for women to jump through to get an abortion. It's a waste of time and resources for both the women and the health care providers.

P.S. I spoke with my wife and my daughter about this bill, and they both describe the trans-vaginal ultrasound as both invasive and extremely uncomfortable. I think women's knowledge of this procedure is just one more point that the bills sponsors are counting on.


a good article on this issue.  what's scary is the comments (fortunately there aren't many).  how anyone can see the flip side of this coin is beyond me.  the same people who support fetus rights are likely the ones who would gladly club a baby seal if the opportunity presented itself. 

"hey baby seal, stop eating our fish!!"  (whack!)


in Kansas, doctors would be able to lie to their patients about potential deformaties or other anomolies if they think it might cause the woman to abort.  the state's Governor, whom i will now call Mr. Due Dilligence, has already said he will sign the bill if it passes, even though HE HASN'T READ IT YET! 


so let me get this straight:  if an anti-abortion bill was put on his desk that called for keeping the would be "murderer" imprisoned for 8 months so she couldn't abort, he would sign it?  i'm beginning to think he would. 

Women are going to start attacking the males of the rightwing... but they are well protected by fools so...

eat that one.


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