(Of course, I could be wrong, I'm not an idiot. This is what I think.)
If you read all of this, as much as anyone can offer the answer in words, I have done this. The answer includes a practical solution, and this too is offered. When the practical part of the answer is an actual structure and not just plans, the answer will be complete. Still, if anyone else has even as much of the answer as I do, I have yet to hear about it.
Beyond this, my path is my own. If my path brings me back to this site and I am welcomed, I will write again after this post. Otherwise, I will continue down my own path separately from all of you.
This solution would not be possible if the current view of the universe were true. It is not. Five-hundred years ago the change was from flat to 3-d. The truth will make that change seem like pennies: You're in for a $10 change. You might want to buckle up.
Atheists are thinkers and most will need the logic of physics and math. There is much I could add in the way of effective proofs, and perhaps later I will, but for now I leave you to look up "Zeno's Parodox" if you haven't already.
And this I need to add because without it, the answer wouldn't seem possible or incredible as it truly is: If there were a true physical world, it is likely we would be born, live, and die and this is all there would be. As per Zeno's Paradox, there is an *effectively* real, virtual environment for our spirits. Our spirits are globes of energy and this more accurately describes who we are physically. Our virtual bodies (how we look) and the environment (where we are) represent who we are spiritually. It is how we interact with each other, how we see who we are and who others are.
The answer is a one-word answer, and it will to you probably make as much sense as 42. I did not go looking for a one-word answer, but it is, so here it is in its one-word version.
"Children" is the answer.
The brief explanation of the short answer is "children first." If we put children's safety first, we will solve all problems so children can be safe; including being safe ourselves so they not even need suffer spiritually in losing us.
The solution part of the answer is "Children's House." The plans need to be finalized. I am currently the architect and structural engineer of Children's House. I am the one who saw it before any other.
It is 8 sided and 7,000 sq ft with 11 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and a large room with bunk-beds for children: 50 children. It is an incredible structure and includes a large kitchen and large living area. It is 110' across with a 40' open area in the center that allows all rooms to be equal in size and window area.
The plans are very complex and while I am qualified to complete the structure, there are others more qualified to design the sub-systems, to my specs. It is an extremely integrated structure and not a night-time hobby. I cannot work a regular job and come home at night and get back into equations like this actual board length: z = 486" tan 22.5° - (1.5/cos 22.5°) + (tan 10°/cos 22.5°) - (480" tan 11.25° + (1.5/cos 11.25°) - (tan 10°/cos 11.25°) - tan (sin -1 (tan 10° sin 11.25°)) tan 11.25°).
If any of you are capable of engineering with this kind of math and have the money to work on the plans full-time, I could post the plans (freely) as they are now and you are welcome to try to put it up on your own. Good for me if you succeed. But there is more to putting up Children's House than having engineering abilities, and when I speak of my own path, it is of this spiritual part that will determine when I myself can finish the plans and put up the first Children's House. Posting this is obviously an important place on my path: I don't want the attention from the world, just from one, so sharing all this information is not something I do often, even though everyone I have shared this with has been glad I did.

You are obvious a thinker, or you would be a follower [of some religion], so I leave with you also.
I, too, was once an atheist. I was allowed to choose, and when the opportunity came in school around the age of seven on hearing of their god, I told myself that if there were a [just] god, children would not be dying; or at least not dying before elderly were dying. I looked to technology for answers and stayed with Atheism until 15 years ago.
At least for now, I do want to go into the long of how and why I am no longer an Atheist. If I wrote of all I have seen (both in my mind and in the world) and everywhere I've been, you'd almost certainly enjoy the read, but I would not enjoy the writing of it. I have seen good, which I am into, but I have seen bad for which there are no words to describe, and I do not want to think about that even to write about it.
I will say this.
Source was here before all of us. Source is a spirit as are we: But Source has *always* existed. Source is beyond gender.
You will probably ask where Source came from. There is no one and no thing before Source. You either keep looking for a before, you accept some before (hopefully not gaudy god) or you look back to nothing existing at all. Seeing the impossibility of "nothing at all" existing, you need to stop somewhere, accept your ego and a being beyond you. I have no problem if you believe I am a lie. See Source for yourself the way I saw on my path: a figurative 2x4 upside my head more than a few times. I figuratively crawled and begged after those emotional bombardments but it was more an 8"x8" than a 2x4.
You will want some questions about Source answered when all you or I can ever see is that the understanding is beyond us: Just as having already existing forever is beyond us. If you can't get past this, it is your ego you can't get past.
At some point in time, we will have the complete answer (Children's House) and no longer die. We will then live on *forever*. But before we ever existed, Source already existed forever, already saw every moment of our eternal lives, even before we existed.
I am not saying "Believe me. Take it on faith." as do the priests. I am saying the answer you are trying to see (how Source could always have existed) is beyond all of us because none of us will ever be Source.
At some point, Source gave us existence. And we were idiots, naturally, having never before existed, so had absolutely no idea what was going on. Source always gives us answers: we can see only what we are intelligent enough to see.
Source is not some loser who wants shiny windows in pretty, petty churches.
Source wants us to help children with buildings that are more than priests ego.
Their god is a lie, as are the preachers, the priests, and the pope. They don't say "Believe in god." They say "Believe in ME. God is real. I know. Give me money and I guarantee you a place in heaven." That [perverted] god they speak of is them. When you listen, you will see that they ask questions ALL the time. If they really have the answer, they wouldn't be asking you questions, they would be doing something useful rather than waiting around to die.
(I haven't asked any questions in this post, but all of you in a personal discussion would undoubtedly bombard me with questions, whichever way your opinion of my thoughts went. Check out how many times you hear, for example, "I do *not think* it is going to rain," rather than "I *think* it is not going to rain." You can believe it isn't important that I see the difference, but believing doesn't make it so.)
If the lie identified j.christ were true, something would have changed 2000 years ago. It didn't. And if the lie id'd j.christ were true, priests wouldn't need magical fish and wine to make their j.christ look good. Their j.christ is their ego saying "I can help." They are their god. It is why it was originally all [strange] men and their god is male. They are beyond losers. They are creepy scary losers. Personally I think it possible every single priest will be found out to be a pedocide. That's pedophile to you; but it's pedocide, not pedophile. Pedocides kill while a pedophile would like, and certainly no one who likes children would ever be the perversion pedocides like the dead thing id'd m.jackson (per-vert, con-vert). Certainly I would never allow any priest around any child.

In closing, I think it would have been better if I had shared more of my path and more of what I've seen. Perhaps another time …

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It took me a LOOOOONG time to get through this article... what changed from flat to 3D 500 years ago? what does childrens safety has to do with anything with the answer to the life? Why, what, when , how, cheese.... chicken-banana mousse...

Only thing i got out from this is that you want to build some house with childrens safety in mind and which reminds me of some daycare buildings i have seen. And there's some god whose name is Source, who wants us to keep our childrens safe from the xtian pedophiles...
You did not read the text: "Water Cooler: Anything and everything that doesn't fit anywhere else."
You also can't even read what you write: *Freethinkers,* Humanists & Skeptics
You be-lie-ve another kind of supernatural, but are too ignorant to see it.
And, finally, all your babble is worthless: I will never waste more of my time on anything you write.
I agree...It really made so sense.
I hope you talk to your MD about this. You definitely need some meds.
This guy is scary. I refuse even to acknowledge him.
But, then, what could one expect from some coward hiding behind a label: bipolar.
I don't even want to think of what he does and then blames on some chemical imbalance.
Hmm, you, children, and a special house... Recipe for disaster methinks.

I think you might have come to the wrong site mate, try www.wanna-hear-a-load-of-old-bollocks.com - they'll probably be more receptive over there...
You obviously never read read this: *Freethinkers,* Humanists & Skeptics.
Or this: Water Cooler: Anything and everything that doesn't fit anywhere else.
Or this, that I wrote: ... 11 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms ...
So obviously you figuring out that 11 parents sleep in the bedrooms is about as likely as you ever writing anything useful in your entire life. Certainly I will never waste more of my time on your babble.




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