The looming census has seen christian groups start a scare campaign.  They claim there are a million muslims in Australia, and that unless everyone ticks christian in the census question about religion, those muslims will build mosques everywhere and try to institute sharia law.  Given that muslims make up about one percent of the nation's population, this means either that the muslims are going to start an aggressive and successful campaign of conversion in the coming weeks, or that the christians are lying out their arses, and breaking a commandment by proxy, by encouraging people to lie.


What do you do when bigoted and dishonest people are so desperate to hold onto their privileges that they will indulge in scare mongering of this calibre?  Downfall parody.


I should mention that this is not my own work.  My work usually involves dinosaurs.



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I appreciate where your coming from but I must say as An Aussie I havent heard any such rubbish being touted. I still hope the Church of the Jedi gains massively in this census, although they say they will mark this down as a non-answer.


The whole Sharia thing is ridicolous of course. It would be impossible for it to be implemented without a catastrophic rewrite of our English Common law legal system. To do that woudl require the whoel system to have collapsed.


I did hear one legal opinion saying that in cases where both parties in a civil dispute could agree to have the outcome decided by extra-judicial courts such as Sharia, Tribal and I supopose theoretically cannon law. I dont think is problematic as long as its by agreement and of course the judgement still conforms with Aussie law, so no stonings. Functionally it differs little from litigants agreeing to binding arbritation.


Anyway go out on census and let your atheist freak flag fly.






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